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  • 15 % Extra Rakeback at Party Poker and Bwin

    Dates of Promotions: 1st May 2018 to midnight on the 31st May 2018

    Get an extra 15% net rakeback at Party and Bwin each month.

    You MUST OPT IN every month - see below for details and T&Cs.
    1. You need an account at Party or Bwin Poker that was created through RTR. If you don't have one...sign up now.
      Or if your account is old and dormant why not start over again? Simply click one of the links below and create a new account with RakeTheRake today.

      Sign up now at Party Sign up now at bwin

      If you already have accounts at Party/Bwin that are not tracked to RTR then you could apply for retagging here.

    2. You just need to opt in here

      Opt in Now

    3. Your payment is determined by the highest tier that you reach in the table below.

    Gross Rake in $$$ Payout
    75 $7.5
    100 $10
    150 $15
    200 $20
    300 $30
    400 $40
    500 $50
    750 $75
    1,000 $100
    1,250 $125
    1,500 $150
    2,000 $200
    3,000 $300
    4,000 $400
    5,000 $500
    6,000 $600
    7,000 $700
    8,000 $800
    9,000 $900
    10,000 $1,000
    11,000 $1,100
    12,000 $1,200
    13,000 $1,300
    14,000 $1,400
    15,000 $1,500
    16,000 $1,600
    17,000 $1,700
    18,000 $1,800
    19,000 $1,900
    20,000 $2,000
    22,500 $2,250
    25,000 $2,500
    Etc… Etc…

    Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions

    This promotion will only run between the specified promotional dates. You must opt in for the promo. You can opt in at any point in May 2018 and your 15% will be calculated for the whole month. The extra 15% will be based on a net revenue basis as determined by Party. This will be based off an average for all RTR players after deductions for (and not limited to) all bonuses, transaction fees and promotions. On average this is equivalent to 8% Gross Rake but we round it to 10%. Poker Accounts not tracked to RTR or its partner sites will not be eligible for the promotion. All cash payments will be made direct to your Party Account on or before the 20th June 2018. Party has a minimum payment of £5 or currency equivalent. Only amounts over this will be paid. Nothing is carried forward.

    This promotion has:


    45-60% Rakeback

    100% up to €100 bonus

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