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Switch to new email system now - Earn 10% extra rakeback

Win 10% extra rakeback by switching to the new email system

We’re changing email systems as the one we’ve been using for the last few year is dull and boring. It doesn’t do the fancy things we want it to do and we want to be sure that you get only the emails that are relevant to you.

The thing is that we need you to Opt-in for the new system otherwise the email police get all sh*tty!

So we’re going to be running a number of incentives which will all be open only to people who have opted in to the new system!

The first promo is 10% EXTRA rakeback on your rake at RTR

Only people who have moved across to the new system will be eligible for the draw so...

Ok, so what do I have to do then?

It's simple really, follow the three simple steps below and you will be in the draw with a chance to earn some extra rakeback.

1 - Login to your RakeTheRake account.
2 - Click "Yes" in the popup to opt-in to the new system and hit Save.
3 - You will receive an email to confirm you opting-in to the new system. Click the "Complete Subscription" button. That's it!

Even if you opt in now, you can still unsubscribe from all RTR marketing communications at any time in the future.

If you have any questions about the promo or the move, please contact us here.


T&Cs for the Extra Rakeback

A draw will be made on the 23rd of June and 20 people chosen will receive 10% extra rakeback on their rake for the whole of July.
Players will be notified by email by the 25th of June and a list of eligible players will be posted on this page
We will run the same promo for August and September
Rooms like Stars and 888 who do not provide us with rake statistics will not be included
The maximum extra rakeback will be capped at $500 per player (i.e. based on $5,000 rake)
The extra rakeback will be added to a player’s RTR account by the 18th of the following month.

July Winners

Player RTR ID's listed below
1081905 1134859 1025871 1155996 1043378
1025699 1032928 1138931 1158383 1007974
1026387 1154606 1019052 1158802 1158066
1145015 1156825 1044222 1003300 1075277

August Winners

To be drawn last week of July.

September Winners

To be drawn last week of August.

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