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Poker news | 4月 18, 2024

Tick-Tock, the $12.5 Million Venom Clock is Ticking

By RTR Alex

1600x900 One Time April2024 ACR Telegram

So, here’s the deal: the $12.5 Million Venom tournament at ACR Poker is already off to a roaring start since Day 1A made waves last Sunday. With three $1 Million prizes up for the taking, the tournament's already a magnet for a ton of players. And just so you know, this is the biggest tourney ACR Poker has ever put on. The hype's only growing, and you'll want in.

Missed out on Day 1A? It's cool, really. There are still four more Day 1s to get in on the action, but you'll need to step on it. Time's not your buddy here. Catch these dates so you don't kick yourself for missing out:

  • Day 1B – Thursday, April 18th at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 1C – Sunday, April 21st at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 1D – Thursday, April 25th at 1:05pm ET
  • Day 1E – Sunday, April 28th at 1:05pm ET

Venom Fever continues through Day 1E

No need to empty $2,650 from your wallet for a Venom Seat when Venom Fever has got you covered until Day 1E. Venom Fever is a one-of-a-kind promo designed to secure as many players as possible a seat in the enormous $12.5 Million Venom tournament. Curious how you can play in ACR Poker’s biggest tourney ever? This is your game plan:

The Beast: Try your luck this Sunday, April 21st at 6:05pm ET to secure 1 out of 50 guaranteed seats. $95 is all it takes to play The Beast, but keep an eye on the weekly leadboard – a free ticket could be yours.

Direct Satellites: Until April 28th, these satellites are launching 781 players straight into the heart of the Venom. With affordable buy-ins starting at $33, check out the schedule and find your path to The Venom.

Mega Satellites: 140 seats will be awarded this weekend (April 21st and 22nd), and 150 more on April 27th and 28th.

Multi-flight Tournaments: Cut-off is April 27th to secure one of the last 15 seats. A bargain $16.50 buy-in could catapult you to Day 2 on Saturday, April 27th at 2:05pm ET, which is where ACR Poker is awarding those 15 seats.

'Spin to Get IN' Slot Machine: Think big, start small – one penny could be all you need to step into the $12.5 Million Venom. With this slot machine, a few spins might mark the beginning of your big win journey.

Make time for ACR Poker’s Venom Specials

Have you overlooked the Venom Specials? Time to change that. These extra tourneys coincide with every Day 1 as well as Day 2 of the $12.5 Million Venom. Together these added events haves a staggering $10,675,000 in guaranteed prize pools.

Want the full rundown? Visit the $12.5 Million Venom promo page and click on the "Venom Specials” tab. Here are a few highlights:

  • Thursday, April 18th - $200,000 GTD ($630 buy-in) at 1:05pm ET
  • Sunday, April 21st - $750,000 GTD ($630 buy-in) at 12:05pm ET
  • Thursday, April 25th - $200,000 GTD ($630 buy-in) at 1:05pm ET
  • Sunday, April 28th - $1 Million GTD ($630 buy-in) at 12:05pm ET
  • Monday, April 29th - $500,000 GTD ($1,050 buy-in) at 1:05pm ET

You don’t want to miss this

Let's lay down the cards: ACR Poker's $12.5 Million Venom is a game-changer, the kind that sends ripples through the online poker universe. It's a juggernaut of an event that simply doesn't show up often.

It’s time to aim high so you don't let go of your chance to become a legend. Make a beeline for the $12.5 Million Venom and Venom Fever promo pages and snag your seat at the table. Here's where you could turn the tables on your luck and transform your life—don't be the one who missed out!