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How it works

Referrals: 4%

Players you referred

Sub-Referrals: 1%

Players your referrals referred

Why refer to RTR?

Referrals are one of the best ways to earn some extra income from poker. We are always looking for more members and we are willing to pay the people who bring us those players. It might be that you have a few friends or family who play poker. Or you might be a regular contributor on a poker related website.

Whatever the case, you already know that it’s madness to play online poker without a rakeback deal. Now you just have to convince them! We’ll give you a dedicated referral code which you can pass on to your contacts and when they sign up you could receive 4% of their rake. You win, they win and we win! Better still if they then go on to refer players, you get a cut of that too!

How does it work?

When you register with RakeTheRake you get an RTR account number which is 7 digits long. In the referral section of your dashboard on our site you will find your referral link. Simply copy the link or use our referral banners to send players to RakeTheRake and start earning from their play!

How Do I Get Paid?

Payments are made once a month by Neteller, Skrill, some poker accounts and possibly Bitcoin or Bank Transfer for larger amounts.

Where can I advertise?

What’s advisable is to email your referral link to friends and family. Also, you can use it as a signature in your emails or any posts you that you make in any gambling related forums. Don’t be afraid to pin it on your Twitter and Facebook pages or add #rakeback when tweeting! Another option would be to make a video of you playing poker and showing your rakeback in your dashboard on RTR. You can upload that on YouTube and don’t forget to add your referral link beneath the video!

Please remember to act responsibly and never spam potential referrals. If we receive complaints about unsolicited contact attempts, we may close your RTR account and any referral funds will be forfeited.

How Much Can I Earn?

We pay 4% of players net rake as a referral fee. So, for example if a player raked $500 in a month and had a $50 bonus and $30 in transaction fees and $25 in promo costs, their net rake would be $395 and you would get $15.80. Now imagine you manage to refer 50 people – Then you would be getting about $790 a month if they all raked similar amounts. Find a whale who’s raking thousands a month and you could be rolling it! Not all rooms provide us with rake statistics so we can’t pay referral fees on those few. Make sure you check out our T&Cs to see which sites do and don’t!