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Rakeback calculator

Whether you’re new to RakeTheRake and want to figure out how much you can expect to earn with any of our top rakeback deals, or you’re an experienced poker player who wants a great tool to assist with bankroll management, RakeTheRake’s rakeback calculator is the free, easy, and fast answer. See how much you can earn!

Provides a rough estimate of your rakeback. Poker room fees not taken into account.

Poker room Rakeback Daily Weekly Monthly


It isn't always easy to calculate accurately how much rakeback you could earn. There are many variables that can affect how much rakeback you can earn and today we'll cover the best ways to use the calculator for the most accurate estimation.

Rakeback rates differ from poker room to poker room. If you have signed up at several online poker sites then it can be confusing calculating the amount you will receive in rakeback. We've decided to help you find the best rakeback deal for you so we've listed the biggest and best poker rooms that are offering rakeback through RakeTheRake here.

How Many Hands?

A key factor in calculating rakeback is the amount of hands that you play within a set time. If you are playing at a site with rules and timers to keep the game moving quickly then you will likely play a lot more hands and therefore pay a lot more rake than a slow, relaxed game.

You also need to consider the percentage of fast folding or folding before the flop as most online poker sites don't take rake for games that didn't make it to the flop. The more rake you pay will directly affect the amount of rakeback you will earn so it's wise to keep an eye on this.


Now we move on to a more complex variable that will affect poker rake and ultimately your rakeback, multi-tabling. Multi-tabling is the act of playing several games at several tables at once. This could be at a single poker room or spread out over several of them, keep in mind that each poker room has different rules on what is acceptable multi-tabling.

Some poker sites are very harsh and don't allow multi-tabling using more than one poker client at a time whereas others practically insist that you do it. Ultimately for what we are looking into today, multi-tabling needs to be considered when calculating poker rakeback as the more tables you play at the more rake you will pay and therefore the more rakeback that can be claimed.

Game Type

The final major factor that we will be considering today is the game type or types that you will be playing. As you can see on our calculator we've given you the option to choose the whether you are playing a no-limit (NL) or a fixed limit (FL) game and what the blinds are set as. This is vitally important as you can imagine as these decisions will heavily affect the amount of rake you pay and the amount of rakeback you earn.

Finally, we provide this calculator for estimation purposes only. There are so many variables that can affect rake and rakeback and it is impossible to account for every one. The calculator we have provided will give a good estimation of a poker players total rakeback although some in-game decisions may affect this.

We have tried to be as clear and concise as possible but if you believe we have missed anything or you have a question please Let us know.