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Betsson rakeback



At Betsson, every poker player should be rewarded. Their Poker Loyalty Program is tailored to reward you from your very first poker hand. Play cash games or tournaments to collect loyalty and reward points, and you’ll see rewards and benefits coming your way. Get boosted to the top level: STAR immediately with RaketheRake.

TIERLoyalty Points RequirementCashback up to
BRONZE 0 to 199 10%
SILVER 200 to 999 15%
GOLD 1000 to 2999 20%
STAR 3000 + 30%

Reward Points:

You will be boosted to Star Level immediately with RakeTheRake ,you will earn your reward points 3 times faster. It will be 30 reward points to per Euro in rake/fees and cash them out when you earn 100 reward points.

How are the Player Points awarded ?

• Cash Games - 10 Loyalty Points are awarded for every €1 paid in rake or fees

• Sit n Go Tournaments - 10 Loyalty Points are awarded for every €1 paid in rake or fees

• Multi Table Tournaments - 10 Loyalty Points are awarded for every €1 paid in rake or fees

How can I exchange my Reward Points?

To exchange your Reward points for cash just head to my account section in the client. For every 100 Reward points you exchange you receive €1 cash. Please note that Reward points expire 180 days after the date they are earned.

Contact support

Twister Race

  • Players get a random seat at the three-man table.
  • Once all players have settled down, the Twister game will decide the prize.
  • The prize pool is a multiplier of the purchase (buy-in). The lowest price is 2x the purchase and the highest is the 1000x purchase.
  • When it comes to twister game prizes, it is a single winner who wins the entire pot, except if the prize is greater than or equal to 1000€. In that case, the winner gets 80%, second place 10% and third place 10%.
Please note: Swedish players will not receive cashback or be included in any races/chases.

Welcome Bonus - Get €600 Free With a New Poker Account

Claim €600 and play poker to unlock chunks of the Bonus. You will also get an entry to the Weekly €100 Freeroll!

1. Create a Poker Account

2. Claim €600 bonus

3. Play poker to start releasing your Bonus

Bonus Increments Chunks Rake
€ 1.00 5 € 2.50
€ 5.00 19 € 25.00
€ 10.00 50 € 50.00

€600 Bonus T&C's:

  • Opt-in in poker software Missions-section to receive the €600 reclaimable Welcome Bonus.
  • The bonus is redeemable in €1, €5 and €10 chunks.
  • The first €5 of the bonus is redeemable in €1 chunks by accumulating 25 Loyalty Points. The following €95 of the bonus is redeemable in €5 chunks by accumulating 250 Loyalty Points. Any remaining bonus over the first €100 is redeemable in €10 chunks for every 500 Loyalty Points accumulated.
  • 10 Loyalty points are accumulated per €1 rake or fee paid on real money tables. Real money stakes only.
  • Bonus expires 30 days after issue.
  • You can check the progress of your bonus in the Poker Client under 'My Account' > ' Bonus'. Please note that you cannot view your active Poker bonuses under “My Bonuses” on the Betsson website.

Betsson FAQs


  1. 清除浏览器cookie。这对于确保将您的帐户正确跟踪到RakeTheRake非常重要。
  2. 单击此页面上的“在Betsson处注册”按钮以访问Betsson网站。
  3. 完成Betsson帐户注册过程。
  4. 返回RakeTheRake并将您的Betsson详细信息发送给我们,以便我们检查跟踪是否成功。


  1. 登录注册一个RakeTheRake帐户。
  2. 通过填写所需的Betsson详细信息,在此处申请重新标记。
  3. 等待我们联系Betsson以查看是否可以重新标记。收到回复后,我们会通知您。