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What is Rakeback?

What is Rakeback?

Retag request

We may be able to get your existing poker account retagged to us for a rakeback/VIP program. Please fill in the form below and click submit.

To add a poker room to your account, select the room from the list below then enter the following details. We need them to ensure you're tracked correctly.

Sorry, this room doesn't allow retagging

Unfortunately this poker room does not allow retagging. But don't let that stop you. Take a look at all the other offers available to you on our offers page.

Before we can handle your retag request, please login to your RakeTheRake account or register below.

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Please note: This process can take up to 2-5 working days to complete so please be patient with us while we work on it. We will email you with details when we have them.

If it turns out your account is already tracked/tagged to another affiliate, it will normally be because of a cookie placed on your computer (as a result of clicking a banner/advert for that poker room some time ago). The affiliate you are tagged to is almost certainly NOT a rakeback affiliate and the room will not tell us who it is sorry!