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Poker news | 9月 18, 2023

What is Online Poker Rakeback?

By Rtr Lucy

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In the world of online poker, players often seek ways to maximise their profits. One strategy that has gained popularity over the years is the concept of "rakeback", and no one does it quite like us. For those who are new to the poker scene, this term might seem unfamiliar, but it's a valuable tool for both casual players and high rollers. In this article, we will delve into the world of online poker rakeback, exploring what it is, how online poker sites offer it, and how players can benefit from it.

Introducing rakeback - where you get paid to play

Before we dive into rakeback, it's crucial to comprehend what "rake" means in the context of online poker. Rake is the fee that poker rooms will charge for hosting their real money poker games. It is usually a small percentage of the pot in cash games, or a fee added to tournament buy-ins. This rake is how poker rooms generate revenue and continue to provide a platform for players to enjoy their favourite poker games.

Once we understand what rake is, we can begin to discuss rakeback. Rakeback is essentially a reward system offered by online poker rooms, to recognise their loyal players for their continued participation. It is designed to give a portion of the rake back to the players, providing an incentive to keep them coming back and playing on their platform.

Here's how it works: Let's say you participate in a cash game, and the poker room charges a 5% rake on each pot, up to a maximum of $3. If you contribute $100 to a pot that results in a rake of $5, you've effectively paid $5 in fees to the poker room. With a 30% rakeback offer, you would receive $1.50 ($5 x 30%) as a partial refund on your fees. Over time, these rebates can become a significant amount, especially for high-volume players.

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How rakeback offers work

Online poker sites offer rakeback in various ways. The most common method is a percentage-based system. Players receive a percentage of the rake they generate while playing poker on the site. This percentage can vary from site to site but generally ranges from 20% to 40%. The higher the percentage, the more lucrative the rakeback offer.

For example, if you generate $500 in rake in a month on a poker site offering a 30% rakeback deal, you would receive $150 ($500 x 30%) as rakeback at the end of the month. This is free money for your bankroll you can earn simply by playing your favourite poker games.

It's important to note that rakeback is more commonly associated with cash games rather than tournaments. In cash games, where the rake is taken directly from each pot, it's easier to calculate and distribute rakeback. In contrast, tournaments typically have a fixed buy-in fee, making it less straightforward to implement rakeback.

The benefits of rakeback

Rakeback offers several benefits to online poker players. Here are some of the key advantages:

Extra Cash for Regular Players - For regular players who spend hours at the poker tables, rakeback can translate into thousands of dollars in additional income over time. This extra cash can be used to play more poker or cash out and enjoy real-life rewards.

Mitigating Losses - Rakeback can act as a safety net for players experiencing a losing streak. Even when the cards aren't in your favour, you can still earn money through rakeback, and soften the blows to your bankroll.

Attracting High Rollers - High rollers, who often wager large amounts of money, can benefit significantly from rakeback. They can earn a substantial amount of cashback through their high volume of play, making it an attractive proposition for them to stick with a particular online poker room.

Competitive Advantage - Rakeback offers a competitive advantage for players looking to maximise their profits. It allows them to effectively reduce the overall cost of playing poker, increasing their potential for long-term success and to build their winnings.

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Different types of rakeback offers

Flat Rakeback

In this straightforward model, players receive a fixed percentage of the rake they generate, regardless of their playing volume or performance. This means that whether you're a recreational player who enjoys a few casual games or a high-stakes pro grinding it out at the poker tables, your rakeback percentage remains constant. Flat rakeback is an excellent choice for those who prefer a predictable and stable return on their poker play, regardless of how much they invest in terms of time or money.

Tiered Rakeback

Tiered rakeback systems reward players based on their level of activity. The more you play, the higher your rakeback percentage becomes. This type of rakeback plan encourages players to increase their volume and commitment to the poker room. As you climb the tiers, your rewards grow, making it an appealing option for dedicated players looking to maximise their earnings.

Rake races

We also offer rake races, where players compete against each other to earn the most rake within a specific time frame. The top performers are then rewarded with generous rakeback prizes. Rake races add an element of competition to the grind, motivating players to push their limits and play more. They're particularly enticing for high-volume players who can generate substantial amounts of rake and secure substantial rewards in these races. It's a thrilling way to turn your dedication to the game into tangible benefits.

How to earn rakeback

Earning rakeback is relatively simple. Here's how you can get started:

Choose the right online poker room - To benefit from rakeback offers, simply click this link and choose your favourite poker rooms.

Sign up and play - Once your favourite online poker rooms have been selected, simply sign up and start playing real money poker games. Our rakeback system will automatically track your play and calculate your estimated earnings.

Monitor your rakeback progress - Our user-friendly dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your earnings, allowing you to track your accumulated rakeback with ease. Staying informed about your progress is crucial to ensure you're optimising the benefits of our rakeback system.

Cash Out Your Rakeback - Once you've accumulated a substantial amount, it's as simple as a few clicks to cash out your rakeback earnings, giving you the opportunity to enjoy that extra money however you please. Whether you decide to reinvest it in your poker journey or treat yourself to something special, the choice is yours.

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Pay attention to online poker rakeback deals

While rakeback is a fantastic way to earn money playing online poker, it's essential to be aware of the different rakeback deals available. Not all deals are created equal, and some may offer more favourable terms than others. Here are a few tips to consider when evaluating rakeback deals:

Percentage Offered

Pay attention to the percentage of rakeback being offered. Higher percentages can significantly impact your overall earnings.

Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions of the rakeback deal carefully. Some deals may have restrictions or requirements that could affect your ability to receive rakeback.

Payment Frequency

Determine how often the poker room pays out rakeback. Some sites offer daily, weekly, or monthly payments, so choose a frequency that suits your preferences.

Additional Benefits

Some of our rakeback deals come with additional perks, such as entry into exclusive tournaments or promotions. Consider these extras when evaluating a deal.

As the online poker landscape continues to evolve, the future of rakeback remains promising. Online poker rooms are continually innovating and finding new ways to reward their players. We can expect to see even more competitive rakeback offers and tailored incentives to attract and retain online poker players.

Online poker rakeback is a valuable opportunity for players to earn extra money while enjoying their favourite card games. It provides a way to mitigate losses, compete at a higher level, and make the most of your poker sessions. With rakeback you can increase your chances of earning a substantial amount of money and enhance your overall online poker experience. So, whether you're a small-stakes player or a high roller, consider exploring the world of online poker rakeback right here with us to start boosting your poker profits.