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Rake Races and Leader Boards

Each month we aim to return as much cash as we can to our members via rake races.
These are a good way to boost your returns either by competing on a leader board by trying to rake as much as possible during the rake race period.

Only RakeTheRake members are eligible for these promotions, which gives you a better chance of winning big.

Unibet €62,500 Rake Races
Ends 31st December
# Player Points Prize
1 Playe*** 0 0
2 Playe*** 0 0
3 Playe*** 0 0
4 Playe*** 0 0
5 Playe*** 0 0
See full leader board
partypoker and Optibet $15,000 Rake Race
Ends 31st December
# Player Points Prize
1 1132005 1554 $1,500
2 1160925 1552 $1,125
3 bluff*** 615 $750
4 1160735 487 $550
5 1087896 481 $500
See full leader board
Betfair €15,000 Race 1
Ends 15th December
# Player Points Prize
1 LUKIN*** 124425 €1,500
2 Plani*** 121362 €1,300
3 freew*** 80098 €1,000
4 Huevo*** 68950 €800
5 CRAMT*** 61425 €600
See full leader board
Betfair €15,000 Race 2
Ends 31st December
# Player Points Prize
1 Playe*** 0 €0
2 Playe*** 0 €0
3 Playe*** 0 €0
4 Playe*** 0 €0
5 Playe*** 0 €0
See full leader board
RakeTheRake $8,000 Rake Race
Ends 31st December
# Player Points Prize
1 1132005 1554 $1,500
2 Mikey*** 403 $1,000
3 1121575 392 $750
4 1019695 332 $500
5 1123630 322 $400
See full leader board

What are Rake Races?

One of the most popular promotions for rakeback players are Rake Races and Rake Chases. They sound similar but there is a distinct difference. They are popular because they offer extra rakeback and poker cashback on top of the rakeback or VIP deal already being offered by the poker room. Rake Races & Chases were actually invented by RakeTheRake back in 2004! Well who knew? Well we did!

There are 5 factors to consider with a rake race :

  • What sort of money/prizes are being offered in total?
  • How many positions are being paid?
  • What is the length of the race?
  • How many other affiliate sites are involved?
  • What is the percentage return?

It’s important to know if you are playing for cash, tournament tickets or something else like gadgets. You also need to know how likely you are to win a prize. Are there lots of prizes on offer? Does the leader board pay deep? Most races are a month long as that is the easiest way to track things. But races can be semi monthly (2 a month) or weekly. There have also been instances of single day races. Keep an eye out in the small print for how many other websites are included in the race. The fewer the better but it’s OK to have 2 or 3. Lastly work out how much you might be getting back. You can best do this by looking at the previous race results for the same promo. You simply divide the value of the prize by the amount raked and you will get the percentage return. Ideally you want to be in races that pay 5% or more.

What are Rake Chases?

Rake chases are different because (unlike rake races) you are NOT competing against other people. Instead you are set personal rake targets to reach and at each higher level you will get an increased prize value. Typical rake chases might be for 10%. For example if you rake $100 you will get $10, if you rake $200 you get $20, etc. But if you rake an amount between two levels (in the chase period) you automatically get the lower prize of the two levels. Rake chases are good because you know the percentage return from the start and no other players can derail your efforts!

Why Should I Participate in RakeTheRake’s Rake Races or Rake Chases?

Because they are FREE extra cash and it’s always insane to leave free money on the table. Sometimes you need to opt in for races and chases so keep an eye open for that. Sometimes The races or chases can be just the thing that makes the overall return from a room worthwhile and can also help turn a losing or break-even month into a profitable one.