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Ya Poker rakeback

YaPoker.com debuted on the Winning Poker Network in 2013, joining a Network renowned for its outstanding customer service and impeccable payout reputation ever since it was launched way back in 2001.

YaPoker.com services all customers from Latin America providing some of the most exciting promotions on the online poker market.

Ya Poker Rakeback

Players that sign up through RakeTheRake will receive 27% rakeback. You can switch to the VIP program below by contacting Yapoker here. Please note that it'll only be worthwhile if you rake enough to reach and maintain the Diamond VIP status.

For every $1 rake or $1 tournament fee you pay, you receive 5.5 Benefit Points (BP). The amount of BP you accumulate determine your VIP Level and the achievement awards you can receive during a calendar year. The achievement awards cost 1 Player Point (PP) and will increase your cashback with up to 11%. This is money you get on top of the VIP program!

There are four monthly and two yearly VIP Levels in Yapoker's VIP program. The BPs you accumulate are multiplied into Player Points (PP) that you can turn into cash in the VIP store. Your multiplier is determined by your current VIP Level status. The higher your VIP Level is, the more PPs you get per BP. The table below shows the cashback rate you can receive by converting your PPs to cash. In the VIP store you can also choose among tournament tickets, electronics and merchandise.

VIP Level Total BPs Required Monthly Rake Equivalent Cashback (Up to %)
Black Diamond*1000000$15,15244%

*Yearly VIP Levels

Click here for more info about the VIP program and the Terms & Conditions

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80 Day 1 Flights (2hr Late Reg) Day 2 (Est Duration: 5hrs)
Monday to Saturday Sunday Sunday
0:05am ET 0:05am ET 6:05pm ET
2:05am ET 2:05am ET
4:05am ET 4:05am ET
6:05am ET 6:05am ET
8:05am ET 8:05am ET
10:05am ET 10:05am ET
12:05pm ET 12:05pm ET
2:05pm ET 2:05pm ET
4:05pm ET
6:05pm ET
8:05pm ET
10:05pm ET

Punta del Este Satellites

YaPoker is kicking off 2024 with another round of Uruguay qualifiers!

This time winners will get to play in the big $500,000 GTD Main Event of the Enjoy Poker Series in Punta del Este, which takes place February 16th to 26th.

Pick your satellite!

5 Full Packages guaranteed via $109 buy-in satellite on Sunday, January 21st at 3:05pm ET.

Each full package is worth $5,500. Includes 10-night stay at the Enjoy Punta del Este Resort and Casino located in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Full package details are listed below.

From January 14th to 21st you can qualify via this Super Satellite path: Freeroll -> $11 Satellite -> $109 Full Package Satellite.

5 Entries Only guaranteed via $109 buy-in satellite on Sunday, January 28th at 3:05pm ET.

Each Main Event entry is worth $1,650. This prize is intended for players who reside in the Uruguay area or anyone who would rather make their own travel arrangements.

From January 26th to 28th you can qualify via this Super Satellite path: Freeroll -> $11 Satellite -> $109 Entry Only Satellite.

Here’s what’s included in the Full Package:

• A spot in the $500K Main Event (valued at $1,500 + $150)
• $1,500 to cover airfare
• $500 in spending money
• Double-occupancy accommodation for 10 nights (February 16th-26th).
• Airport transportation
• Daily complimentary breakfast

Venom Fever Satellites

The Daily Double Promotion

Ya Poker’s brand-new Daily Double promotion, named after the ACR Pros Jeff Boski and Michael Loncar, is giving you the opportunity to win life-changing money!

Everyday, two sets of MTTs will run that start 30 minutes apart. Each tourney pays out 98.5% of the prize pool daily and sends 1.5% to a separate progressive jackpot.

If you reach the Final Table in either the Loncar or Boski Daily Double tourneys on the same day, you win 20% of the jackpot. If you win both Daily Double tourneys on the same day, you get 100% of the jackpot!

The minimum jackpot for The Loncar Daily Double is $20,000, and the minimum for The Boski Daily Double is $5,000.

Daily Multi-table Tournaments (MTTs) Schedule

Monday through Saturday


  • $30,000 GTD ($88 buy-in) at 6:15pm ET

  • $30,000 GTD ($88 buy-in) at 6:45pm ET


  • $10,000 GTD ($11 buy-in) at 6:15pm ET

  • $10,000 GTD ($11 buy-in) at 6:45pm ET



  • $50,000 GTD ($88 buy-in) at 6:15pm ET

  • $50,000 GTD ($88 buy-in) at 6:45pm ET


  • $15,000 GTD ($11 buy-in) at 6:15pm ET

  • $15,000 GTD ($11 buy-in) at 6:45pm ET

Welcome Bonus - 100% up to $500 Deposit Bonus

At Ya poker you'll receive a 100% up to $500 First deposit bonus which really works as flat rakeback, since it is released in very small increments. Your 100% First Time Deposit Bonus will be paid out in increments of $1 for every 27.5 Award Points Earned. Minimum deposit to qualify: $25 - That's worth 20% cashback.

Bonus Amount Points Required
Days to clear
$500 27.5 Aps per $1 60 20%

Click here for the full Terms and Conditions

Ya Poker FAQs

Follow these simple steps to signup for Ya Poker rakeback and access our exclusive promotions:

  1. Clear browser cookies. This is important to make sure your account is correctly tracked to RakeTheRake.
  2. Click the "Sign up at Ya Poker" button on this page to visit the Ya Poker website.
  3. Complete the Ya Poker account registration process.
  4. Return to RakeTheRake and send us your Ya Poker details so we can check if tracking was successful.

Yes, Ya Poker do retag poker accounts if your account meets the requirements. To take advantage of our exclusive Ya Poker deal and promotions, follow the steps below:

  1. Login or sign up for a RakeTheRake account.
  2. Apply for retagging here by filling out the required Ya Poker details.
  3. Wait for us to contact Ya Poker to see if retagging is possible. Once we hear back we'll let you know.