I dont want to suggest a bet just for the heck of it.
This is a trickyish one but probably one tat after we know the result we'll say "Of course that was always going to happen!"

The Royals are through to the semis already so will they risk their top players or injuring themselves is this game. In addition losing would see their rivals Mumbai knocked out of the Champions League 2013!

Otago are on a roll. 15 wins in a row and while i understand that has to come to an end at some point, why today? After all the longest winning streak is 24 by the Sialkot Stallions. I like stats when teams are on a streak and i find if you back them till the end then sure you lose the last one but you win everything before. And we've been Otago fans since the qualifying tournament when they beat Faisalabad, Kandurata (Sri Lanka basically!) and Sunrisers!
What if Otago won the next 10 ? I reckon that would return 1024-1 !

Anyway back to today!

I initially fancied a straight off 15 points on Otago at 2.26 Here
To return 18.9 if they pull it off.

BUT BUT BUT It is worth noting that Rajasthan havent lost in Jaipur for a very long time! Arghhh
Two Stats collide....Otago unbeaten and Royals at home.

Added to that if the Royals win Group A they retain home advantage for the Semis...otherwise they probably face Chennai!

On second thoughts best sit this one out and just enjoy the cricket!