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Special Promotions

Free $10 cash




Qualification requirements In order to be eligible, you need to be tracked to PartyPoker through us...

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What are RakeTheRake special promotions?

Ok so we know about rakeback, freerolls, sign up bonuses, rake races and rake chases. So what are special promotions. Well occasionally things like TVs and Gaming Monitors, iPhones, iPads, Cuddly toys and Live Event Tickets fall off the back of a lorry and we need some way of getting rid of them before the Old Bill find out. So we often use these things to run additional “special” promotions. Sometimes they are in the way of a freeroll where the winners get prizes instead of cash, or sometimes it might just be a straightforward lottery draw for everyone that has entered a particular promotion. Sometimes we give away prizes for people who use social media to promote RakeTheRake in a particularly clever way.

Prizes to be won

We have also been known to run special promotions where we give away packages to the WSOP in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada! So keep an eye out as we don’t usually make it difficult to win some of the prizes and they are almost always in addition to your rakeback and regular promotions. Good luck, and remember to mention us when you win your first bracelet!