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Top bingo offers

There are many online bingo sites to choose from so RakeTheRake is here to save you both time and effort.
Check out our list of the best online bingo sites and bingo bonuses below. Let us do the hard work, so you don't have to!

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Why use RakeTheRake to compare Bingo Deals?

Because it’s what we get paid to do! When you want to play bingo online, we do the research so that you don’t have to! We identify the sites we believe are trustworthy and money-safe! Does that mean that one day a Bingo Room won’t stop playing with its balls? Nope. But if a room is listed on RakeTheRake then we’re confident that’s it been around long enough for you to feel comfortable playing there!

The Best Casino Offers

Whether you are looking to play bingo UK or worldwide it can be a daunting prospect! There are so many to choose from. But not to worry as we have identified some of the more important criteria you should consider when signing up. These include the pay-out percentages that bingo rooms return to the players, bonuses and promotions, deposits/withdrawals, security, mobile/table availability, design/graphics and community atmosphere. Remember, Bingo started as a social game and so you might potentially meet your soulmate on there!

Best Bingo Bonuses

So what constitutes a good bonus? Size isn’t important (yeah right!), after all you can always change bingo sites once you’ve cleared the bonus if you like. More importantly you need to make sure it is easy to clear. What do we mean by that? Well usually bonuses have wagering requirements, for example you might need to buy $30 worth of Bingo cards in order to clear $5 of bonus. That’s quite reasonable. But if it’s buy $1,000 worth of cards, that is not so reasonable. In fact, that’s pants! If you’re not sure whether a bonus is worthwhile, just drop our customer support team an email and we’ll help you figure it out.

How Often Will You Win?

What about the Return to Player percentage also known as pay-out percentage? What we mean is if you sat down with £100 and played one hundred consecutive games of £1 each…how much would you be expected to get back. This can vary a lot at Bingo sites because if there is a guaranteed prize pool and the number of cards bought does not exceed that amount, then the Return would be over 100%. Similarly, if more cards were sold then the RTP would be less than 100%. So if you can find guaranteed tournaments with less cards sold than the value, you should definitely play those as in the long run you’ll win more!

Depositing on Bingo Sites

And then there are the deposits and withdrawals! This isn’t rocket science people. You need to pick a site that offers the deposit and withdrawal method that are available to you. Almost all accept debit and credit cards and most take PayPal or Skrill or Neteller. Some even accept Crypto currencies!

As for design/graphics, if you start playing somewhere but the colours are too garish or bright for you, then sign up somewhere else and try there instead. You don’t want to be playing somewhere and think that you’re going to be bringing up your lunch every 5 minutes. Besides if you sign up somewhere else then you can get their sign-up bonus too!

Almost every site is now playable on your mobile or tablet which means when you get bored you can whip out your phone and have a quick play of the numbers. Just remember to turn off the sound and don’t should “Bingo!” if you win. The boss may not take too kindly to that. Especially if he was secretly playing too and you beat him!

Don’t be afraid to have a chat with other players and the moderators. Bingo has always been a social game. That’s how it started in the gambling halls. People used bingo as an excuse to come and see friends. There’s no reason for that to change, even if you don’t have to leave the house and you can’t be bothered to get out of your pyjamas!

Bingo online offers UK and worldwide offer a wide selection of different types of bingo games. Of course, there’s the usual classic 90 ball and the 75 ball bingo games. But these days you can get all sorts of variations including speed bingo or progressive jackpot bingo. These variations can often be great fun and be a welcome change from the traditional games.

Lastly and we mean this seriously

All gambling should be for FUN and done with money you can afford to lose. Never chase a losing bet and never bet when angry or drunk. Remember when the FUN stops, STOP!