As most of you will no doubt have spotted, we re-launched the website on May 9th.
The previous site was 3 years old and a little dated and lacking in functionality, but the main reason for the upgrade was as a result of the survey that we sent out in March 2010 to all existing RTR members at the time.
Hundreds of you took the time to fill in our survey and we took everything you said on board. We have tried to implement most of those changes and we still have some reserved for phases 2 and 3 to be released later this year/early next.

And as you would expect with a new site, it hasnít all gone quite according to plan but our design and development teams are working tirelessly to iron out all the bugs and gremlins that some of you are experiencing.

Firstly let us say that we sincerely appreciate how patient you are all being with us whilst we make the transition and as some sort of recompense we have added over $100,000 of extra promotions over the next 3 months just for the re-launch.

Even if you have accounts at poker rooms not tagged to us you can still enter almost all of them here

However the main purpose of this thread is that we REALLY want your feedback on the new site. Good or bad. We want all criticism please. Things have changed and we hope for the most part for the better, but we appreciate that change can often be awkward for people when they are used to a site.
If you find any bugs or broken links let us know. If you donít like the way the promotions are displayed or if you have trouble finding out what offers we have at specific networks, let us know. Just let us know everything!

We are working to fix things and though we might not reply to every post, we guarantee they will be read.

Many thanks in advance.