Win Big Prizes through Absolute Poker SNG’s

If sit and go poker tournaments are your game, then you’ll love the new deal that Absolute Poker is offering. Those who play poker in Absolute’s SNG’s will have a chance to win one of the 45 seats seats to either the Sunday $200,000 Guaranteed, or the Wednesday $80,000 Sniper tournament.

To be eligible for a seat, you just have to meet one of the following weekly requirements:

– Play in five designated $6 SNG’s, and you’ll be entered into a Wednesday free poker tournament where the top 10 players earn seats for the $80k Sniper tourney.
– Play in ten designated $6 SNG’s, and you’ll get into a Sunday freeroll where 10 seats to the $200k Guaranteed are being given away.
– Play in five designated $11 SNG’s, and you’ll be entered into a Wednesday freeroll where the top 20 players win seats for the $80k Sniper tourney.
– Play in five designated $11 SNG’s, and you’ll gain entry into a Sunday freeroll where 20 seats are being given away for the $200k Guaranteed.

All you have to do to get into these freerolls is play….you don’t have to win or even cash. And seeing as how the buy-ins for the required sit and go’s are pretty low, you don’t need to risk much money to get into these freerolls.

Both the $200k Guaranteed and $80k Sniper tournament are great events where players win tons of money each week. The winner of the $200k always walks away with $40,000 or more, while the Sniper tourney allows players to earn bounties on every player they knock out of the tournament.

Of course, the biggest reward of all to playing in these events is that you can cash in on Absolute Poker’s 30% rakeback deals. This excellent offer ensures that you’ll be spending far less in tournament rake every week.

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