Betfair Poker has Lots of Freerolls for New Players

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Not every player has $5k or $10k to throw around when they start at a new online poker room. In fact, many people rely on freerolls to build their bankroll after signing up at a site. With this being the case, there are few better places to start out than Betfair Poker because they have plenty of freerolls for new players.

The first free poker tournament that new Betfair players will have access to is the $2,500 Welcome Freeroll. All a person needs to do is sign up at Betfair, then either play a raked cash game hand, or play in a poker tournament or SNG. After meeting the simple requirements, you’ll receive a $2,500 Welcome Freeroll ticket. In regards to the tourney details, it starts at 20:15 CET, the freeroll runs every first and third Thursday of the month, and the maximum number of players involved is 4,000.

Moving past the Welcome Freeroll, the monthly $8,000 Cash Splash offers lots of daily freerolls – some of which have add-ons and rebuys. The daily schedule for the Cash Splash is as follows (all starting times are CET):

– $20 freeroll at 6:10: buy-in is free, and $0.25 rebuys + add-ons

– $50 freeroll at 17:10: buy-in is free

– $20 freeroll at 18:10: buy-in is free, and $0.25 rebuys + add-ons

– $50 freeroll at 19:10: buy-in is free

– $20 freeroll at 20:10: buy-in is free, and $0.25 rebuys + add-ons

– $20 freeroll at 21:10: buy-in is free, and $0.25 rebuys + add-ons

– $50 freeroll at 22:10: buy-in is free

– $20 freeroll at 23:10: buy-in is free, and $0.25 rebuys + add-ons

– $10 freeroll at 00:10: buy-in is free, and $0.10 rebuys + add-ons

While none of the aforementioned freerolls are huge, the quantity definitely gives players a solid chance to make some money before they hit the real money poker tables at Betfair.

Tip of the Day: Some players make the mistake of continually cashing out their tiny freeroll winnings, which doesn’t provide them with any chance of building a bankroll. Assuming you want to be a successful player someday, you should save the money up, then enter at a reasonable limit (compared to your bankroll size).

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