10% Bankroll Boost

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RakeTheRake 10% Bankroll Boost

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Players must sign up before 31st July 2011

Create a New Account – Earn Bankroll Points – Get A Bankroll Boost worth 10%

In light of the temporary suspension of play at Full Tilt, we realise that many of you are now homeless.….and of course every room wants your business.
And since things are tougher than they used to be – you need a bigger incentive to sign up right? Exactly!

So we have created the Bankroll Boost Promotion for all FT players who need a home while FT sort their own house out. This will return an extra 10% on your play via our Bankroll Boost system

And don’t forget if you refer “Homeless” friends to this scheme you’ll also pick up an extra 4% on their action!

10% Bankroll Boost System:

Sign up dates: 29th June to 31st July 2011
Rake period: 3 Months (1st July – 30th September 2011)
Bankroll Points: Earn 5 Bankroll Points for every $1 in rake

Sign up to one of participating rooms below Between 29th June and 31st July and you will get the regular features for that room:

  • Rakeback or VIP program
  • Sign up Bonus
  • Regular Room Promos
  • Exclusive RTR Promos
  • Exclusive RTR Re-launch Promos
  • +10% Bankroll Boost (For every $1 you rake at your new room, you will receive 5BPs (Bankroll Points))

At the end of the promotion in October (by the 18th) we will add up your BPs for the 3 months July-Sept and then exchange them in our Bankroll store according to the following scale.
This bankroll will be credited to your poker account.

Level Bankroll Points Earned Approx. Rake Equivalent Bankroll Cash Bonus Extra Bankroll Bonus Cashback
1 750 BPs $150 $15 10%
2 1,500 BPs $300 $30 10%
3 2,500 BPs $500 $50 10%
4 3,750 BPs $750 $75 10%
5 5,000 BPs $1000 $100 10%
6 10,000 BPs $2,000 $200 10%
7 15,000 BPs $3,500 $350 10%
8 25,000 BPs $5,000 $500 10%
9 37,500 BPs $7,500 $750 10%
10 50,000 BPs $10,000 $1,000 10%
11 75,000 BPs $15,000 $1,500 10%
12 100,000 BPs $20,000 $2,000 10%
13 150,000 BPs $30,000 $3,000 10%

Please note this promotion is a special promotion purely to house homeless FT players
The promotion ends on 30th September 2011. Any surplus points will be void and valueless
***Boss network players are not eligible for Levels 4,9 and 11

Here is list of the participating rooms:

Poker Room Network % Bonus

Please note that new Players at Ladbrokes after the 18th July are not eligible for this promotion.

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