Poker Cashback vs. Rakeback


Two terms that are often used interchangeably in online poker are rakeback and poker cashback. And most people think that they’re the same thing because, basically, they almost are. However, there are some notable differences between poker cashback and rakeback, and here’s a comparison of each one:

Poker Cashback

As the name implies, cashback puts money back in online poker players’ pockets based on the rake they pay. The amount of poker cashback that a player receives depends on the online poker room that they’re playing at, and usually the VIP status they hold. For example, at Carbon Poker, players will receive anywhere from 6% to 35% cashback based on their VIP ranking.

To illustrate how cashback works, assume that you paid $50 in rake one day, and had a 35% cashback deal. At the end of the day, you would receive $17.50 back based on the rake you paid.


Just like cashback, rakeback gives players back money based on the amount of rake paid. However, one notable difference about this offer is that most online poker players receive the same deal regardless of what their VIP status is. So even if you’re a totally new player, you’ll receive the same offer as somebody who plays hundreds of poker hands a day.

Of course, some online poker sites offer frequent players more rakeback, but normally, everybody gets the same deal. If you’d like to know more about rakeback deals, check this out.

Which Deal is Superior?

While you’ll benefit greatly by getting either cashback or rakeback, most people prefer the latter because it offers more value to the average player. After all, if you’re getting a solid flat rate as a poker beginner, it only makes sense to take advantage of rakeback, rather than start at the bottom of the totem pole with poker cashback.

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