Winning rakeback players in RakeTheRakes survey

We’d like to extend a great big thank you to all the RakeTheRake poker players who have completed our online survey since June.

Once again, we got a great response from you and some overwhelmingly positive feedback about our relaunched rakeback site.

So, without further ado, let’s announce the winners of the survey prizes. Congratulations to you all.

Winners of the 5 Panasonic portable widescreen DVD players are:

  1. cliffnotes
  2. RTR12138
  3. Bashi
  4. katrat111
  5. jimmytrubia

Winners of the 10 RakeTheRake hoodies are:

  1. flan1988
  2. RTR11481
  3. IamfromDK
  4. rt1870
  5. reraise168
  6. Magneteng
  7. elvisprecel
  8. niBOR
  9. OMGrivered
  10. goldengold

And winners of the 10 RakeTheRake t-shirts are:

  1. weakass
  2. RTR04192
  3. moobs
  4. Zumartic
  5. soma77
  6. jasonreinke
  7. Mafco
  8. SE7216
  9. Se4Wong4
  10. Izzy80

We hope you’ve all enjoyed the extra $100,000+ of relaunch promotions we’ve been running. No doubt many of you are fiercely competing in the freerolls this month to win those great prizes!

And on that note, Team RakeTheRake wishes all players taking part in the $5k PokerStars freeroll this Sunday the very best of luck. (Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter in the next couple of hours if you want to enter!)

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