Poker Cashback Explained

While many online poker players are familiar with the concept of rakeback, fewer players know much about poker cashback. In a sense, both rakeback and poker cashback are very similar, but there are a few differences worth noting when it comes to the latter.

Online poker sites that feature cashback often base the amount paid on what VIP status a player holds. For example, if there are five levels in a VIP program, the first level might not receive any cashback, while levels two through five will all receive these benefits; essentially, the higher your VIP status is, the more cashback you’ll get. To illustrate exactly how this deal works, let’s look at the Carbon Poker cashback offer.

In the Carbon Poker VIP program, there are five different levels (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Ether), and the higher one’s level is, the more cash they’ll be able to get when exchanging VIP points (cashback). As for the VIP points, these are earned at a rate of 10 points for every $1 in rake contributed. Here’s a detailed illustration of what we’re talking about:

Earth level (250 monthly VIP points) – 6% cashback, or players can exchange 500 points ($50 rake) for every $3.
Wind level (2,000 monthly VIP points) – 7.5% cashback, or players can exchange 1,000 points for every $7.
Fire level (5,000 monthly VIP points) – 10% cashback, or players can exchange 2,000 points for every $15.
Water level (10,000 monthly VIP points) – 15% cashback, or players can exchange 2,500 points for every $25.
Ether level (25,000 monthly VIP points) – 35% cashback, or players can exchange 5,000 points for every $60.

The poker cashback model is very popular within the Merge Gaming Network, which features a number of popular sites like Aced, Poker Nordica, RPM Poker and BlackChip Poker. Assuming you’re interested in taking advantage of poker cashback deals, then you should check out any of the aforementioned Merge Gaming sites.

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