Daiva Barauskaite Loses Large Pots to Deadman and Romanello

Stunning model Daiva Barauskaite was attracting quite a bit of attention at the EPO feature table on Day 1B. Unfortunately, some of this attention has come from Simon Deadman and Roberto Romanello since these two poker pros targeted her during big hands.

With blinds at 150/300 early in the day, Daiva (A-A) flopped a set of aces on a board of 4h-5s-As. However, Deadman (5-5) also flopped a set of 5’s and was looking to build the pot with his hand. When the turn card of 3h was dealt, Deadman led out with 4,800 chips, which the blonde beauty called. A river card of 6c prompted Deadman to go all-in; Daiva thought about calling for a while, but unfortunately folded her superior set and surrendered the 22,425 pot. Deadman, who has $255,759 in career live tournament winnings, is doing pretty well at this point with 38,925 chips.

Romanello got tangled up with Davia later on when the blinds were at 200/400 (25 ante). On a board of 5h-8c-4s-2d-6c, Daiva (9-9) led out with a 2k bet, but Romanello (7-7) shoved his stack into the middle after making a straight. Daiva thought for a moment, then wisely folded her top pair to the Welshman.

Romanello, who’s made $2,675,314 in live tournaments, has an average stack with 23,500 chips. Daiva fell to 4,800 chips at one point, but nearly doubled up to 7,475 after an aggressive and successful continuation bet where she only had queen-high.

Watch the English Poker Open 2012 webcast at 2.30pm daily (UK time) for all the live action.

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