Take Party Poker’s VIP Road to Vegas

Posted on by RTR Dave

Are you a VIP member at Party Poker, or at least close to becoming one? If so, you should check out the ‘VIP Road to Vegas’ promotion, which enables players to win everything from 750 Party Points to a $14,000 WSOP Main Event prize package. This promo runs from now to April 21st, 2013, and you can read about the details below.

How to Participate
Getting started with the VIP Road to Vegas is simple because players merely need to hit targeted points goals during the promotional period. For example, if you wanted to win the lowest prize of 750 Party Points, you’d need to earn 250 points on at least 10 different days between March 4th and April 21st. For the $14k Main Event package, you’d need to collect at least 1,500 points on 45 different days.

What are the Available Prizes?
As you may have guessed, prizes vary based on how many targeted points goals you can hit. Here’s a look at what rewards are available for each number of days where you earn a designated point amount:

250 Points – Earned on 10 days = 750 points, 15 days = 1,125 points, 20 days = 1,500 points, 25 days = 1,875 points, 30 days = 2,250 points, 45 days = 3,500 points

500 Points – Earned on 10 days = 2,000 points, 15 days = 3,000 points, 20 days = 4,000 points, 25 days = 5,000 points, 30 days = 6,000 points, 45 days = 10,000 points

800 Points – Earned on 10 days = 3,600 points, 15 days = 5,400 points, 20 days = 7,200 points, 25 days = 9,000 points, 30 days = 10,800 points, 45 days = $5,500 WSOP side event prize package

1,000 Points – Earned on 10 days = 5,000 points, 15 days = 7,500 points, 20 days = 10,000 points, 25 days = 12,500 points, 30 days = 15,000 points, 45 days = $5,500 WSOP side event package plus 10,000 points

1,500 Points – Earned on 10 days = 10,500 points, 15 days = 15,750 points, 20 days = 21,000 points, 25 days = 26,250 points, 30 days = 31,500 points, 45 days = $14,000 Main Event prize package

How do I become a VIP Member?
The Road to Vegas promo is open to Palladium and Palladium Elite members. In order to reach Palladium status, you must earn at least 9,000 points within a 3-month period. Once you’ve reached at least Palladium status, you’ll have access to lots of different rewards including cashback, merchandise and monthly cash bonuses.

As for the points that you can earn through Road to Vegas, these are exchanged for cash (rate depends on your VIP status) or used to enter tournaments for free. With weekly tournament prize pools going as high as $300,000 at Party, using points for free tourney tickets is always a good idea!

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