Bovada’s Super Sundays offering over $170k Every Week

Posted on by RTR Dave

Since launching at the end of 2011, Bovada Poker has quickly become one of the top US-friendly poker rooms. And it’s easy to see why when you consider how they run promotions like “Super Sundays,” which offers over $170,000 in cash every Sunday.

You can get each Super Sunday started off right with a $5k Guaranteed event at 2pm ET. And if you’re a multi-tabler, you could also participate in the Big Deal $100k Special Qualifier at 2:10pm, where 50 seats to the $100k Guaranteed are given away. What’s great is that these tourneys are only the beginning because there are six events where the guaranteed prize pool is worth $8,000 or more. Take a look at the full schedule below (all times ET):

2:00pm – $5,000 Guaranteed. $33 buy-in, 5,000 starting chips

2:10pm – Big Deal $100k Special Qualifier, 50 seats to $100K Guaranteed (each $162 value), $19.80 buy-in, 1,500 starting chips

2:30pm – $4,000 Guaranteed, $22 buy-in, 3,000 chips

3:00pm – $10,000 Guaranteed, $109 buy-in, 3,000 chips

3:30pm – $3,000 Guaranteed (Turbo Deep Stack), $11 buy-in, 3,000 chips

4:00pm – Big Deal $100,000 Guaranteed, $162 buy-in, 5,000 chips

4:30pm – $8,000 Guaranteed, $11 buy-in, 3,000 chips

5:00pm – $3,000 Guaranteed (Turbo Short Stack), $33 buy-in, 5,000 chips

6:00pm – $10,000 Guaranteed, $60 buy-in, 3,000 chips

6:05pm – $3,000 Guaranteed, $22 buy-in, 3,000 chips

7:00pm – $4,000 Guaranteed, $55 buy-in, 2,500 chips

9:00pm – $15,000 Guaranteed (Turbo Deep Stack), $109 buy-in, 3,000 chips

9:15pm – $2,500 Guaranteed (1 Rebuy + 1 Add-on), $11 buy-in, 2,500 chips

11:00pm – $8,000 Guaranteed (Turbo), $82 buy-in, 2,500 chips

More on the $100k Big Deal
While all of the tournaments listed above are big events with major money involved, it’s hard not to focus on the Big Deal $100k. The top finisher always receives at least a $20,000 payout, while second place ($13k) and third place ($10k) also get huge payouts every week.

Of course, some players might look at the $162 buy-in and be turned off from the Big Deal $100,000 Guaranteed. Luckily there are some inexpensive routes for winning a Big Deal ticket, including the $1 Cheap Seats, using Poker Points, and the aforementioned Special Qualifier. Even if you don’t compete in the $100k tourney, just know that there are lots of chances to win big during Bovada’s Super Sundays.

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