Play Heads-Up against Gus Hansen through Full Tilt’s “Satellite Hero”

Posted on by RTR Dave

Full Tilt Satellite Hero Gus Hansen

If you’ve ever dreamed of squaring off against an elite poker pro heads-up, then you should definitely check out Full Tilt Poker’s ‘Satellite Hero’ promotion. Satellite Hero runs from now until September 1st, and gives players a chance to play heads-up against the legendary Gus Hansen. In addition to this, players will also have an opportunity to share in over $4,000 worth of MiniFTOPS XXIII tickets.

These are indeed some great prizes, and if you want a shot at them you’ll need to play in Full Tilt satellite tournaments. To find the satellites, open the ‘Options’ menu in Full Tilt’s game lobby, then select ‘Lobby View’ > ‘Standard View.’ From here you set the filters to ‘Tournament,’ ‘Satellite,’ ‘All’ and ‘All Types.’ Remember that only satellites with $1 buy-ins or higher will count towards the Satellite Hero promotion.

The goal is to cash in satellites before September 1st is over with. As long as you cash in at least one satellite, you’ll receive a ticket to the Satellite Hero Freeroll, which runs on September 7th at 14:15 ET. Your starting chip stack depends upon how many satellites you place in, which is covered below:

Cash in 1 satellite – 2,000 chips
Cash in 2 satellites – 3,000 chips
Cash in 3-4 satellites – 4,000 chips
Cash in 5 or more satellites – 5,000 chips

This freeroll is definitely worth playing in because the prizes are fantastic. Here’s a look at what you’ll be competing for in the Satellite Hero Freeroll.


  • 1st place – $75 MiniFTOPS Main Event ticket, and one-on-one HU match with Hansen
  • 2nd-9th place – $75 MiniFTOPS Main Event ticket
  • 10th-36th place – $33 MiniFTOPS ticket
  • 37th-81st place – $22 MiniFTOPS ticket
  • 82nd-126th place – $11 MiniFTOPS ticket

Play Gus Hansen One on One
As shown above, the freeroll winner will earn the right to play Hansen heads-up. This match takes place on September 8th at 16:00 ET, and the starting chip stacks are 5,000. If the mystery opponent can defeat the Great Dane, they’ll collect $1,200 in MiniFTOPS XXIII tickets.

Of course, it won’t be easy to beat Gus because he routinely plays against some of the world’s top online poker players on a regular basis. Plus he’s won over $11.2 million in live tournaments, including three WPT titles. But if you’re able to overcome Hansen’s hyper-aggressive style and beat him, you’ll earn both glory and every single MiniFTOPS XXIII ticket.

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