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Rakeback Testimonials

Below are a few of the things our current players had to say about us. If you see them online in a Poker room please feel free to ask them about the quality of the service they receive on all fronts from RakeTheRake! Our players all get the best rakeback offers available in the online poker market.

If you want to add a comment please send it to jessica@raketherake.com.

     - Vladimer Antonov
  • Yea, overwhelmed by seeing all the rooms youre hosting freerolls at this month. Thx for responding!!
     - Kyle Tuthill
  • This is the greatest site I ever found! I love you guys. Thanks so much.
     - Beverly Wells (via Facebook)
  • Thanks RakeTheRake rakeback for the this months freeroll #2. Cost me nothing to enter - $0. And I won it and took down a sweet $919 and 1st place! Roll on December's! BOOM
     - Olly M
  • Thank you raketherake.com for the thousands and thousands euros I received from you. I'll be loyal forever!
     - D Mihaylov
  • I took down the $5,000 freeroll on carbon poker yesterday. It's the second time I've shipped it this year. That's almost $3,000 in free money this year just from those 2 tournaments alone. thanks raketherake!
     - Dustin Bryan
  • I deposited $15 when I opened up a new Carbon account with RTR. Played for a little while but lost it all, woke-up in the morning and had $8 rakeback! Played it up to $25 or so, played Poker Maximus Event 1 and shipped it for $3900! Thank-you so much RTR!!!
     - IRunnLikePoop
  • Hi, I just wanted to forward you the email I just sent to one of the top online rakeback sites that I also have (had!) an account with: Dear XXXXXXXX.com (we had to remove the name for obvious reasons!), You guys Absolutely suck. It's been 6 weeks since the end of the month I haven't been paid for yet. You spend your days making up excuses on why you haven't paid me. It's clearly all BS. You need to take a leaf out of RakeTheRake's book and start acting like a professional. Better still you should do all your clients a favor and advise them to switch to raketherake. You XXXXXXX morons.... Best wishes Douggie As you know I have switched my other account to you guys and written off the 350 bucks. Do I win a prize? (Yes, $20 for making us all laugh!)
     - Doug120375
  • Dear RTR, I just accepted my first rakeback payment from you on Neteller. $289! I've been playing online for 2 years now...how annoying that I didn't know about you before. Still at least I'm on track now
     - Jupiteritis
  • As a full-time professional player I needed speed and anonymity - you provided both.
     - PH

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