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Adding your New Betfair iPoker Account to RTR


Step 1

Click this link: http://poker1.betfair.com/getting-started and download the new software.


Step 2

  1. Once installed, launch the poker client. You will get a regular "Sign In" box.
  2. 2a Enter your existing name and password If your current OnGame Alias/Nickname already exists on the iPoker network you will get this box below and be asked to choose a new Alias/Nickname. If so then choose a new alias/nickname and click OK! If you are not asked to choose a new alias/nickname then good for you…jump to Step 3!

Step 3

Now go to our Betfair page on RTR here and enter your new Nickname/Alias in the blank field and then select "click here to log in".


Step 4

You should now be here:

Enter your RTR Username and Password and then click the Orange LOGIN AND SEND DETAILS button. That's it your all done! Start playing and we will confirm the tracking on the account with Betfair ASAP

Betfair FAQs about Rakeback (Cashback) on OnGame and iPoker

  • Q: What is the Cash Back Scheme?
  • A: The Cash Back scheme entitles players to receive a percentage of their total amount of Rake generated within a calendar month paid back into their Betfair account
  • Q: Who is eligible for Cash Back?
  • A: Only players that have been contacted directly and were previously on a Rake Back Deal with Betfair are eligible for this scheme.
  • Q: I have a current deal with Betfair on OnGame, what happens with that?
  • A: From the 21st of January your existing deal will still be in place and rake generated from both the OnGame and I Poker platforms will contribute to your overall total.
  • Q: Do I have to play just on I Poker to benefit from the new cash Back scheme?
  • A: No, Rake that you generate across both platforms will contribute to your overall Rake total.
  • Q: Will payments be made on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month still?
  • A: Yes, here is a breakdown of payments for the first few weeks:
  • 18th January - Normal Rake Back Part 1 For January
  • 7th February - January Part 2 is paid using rake generated from both OnGame and I Poker
  • 21st of February - February Part 1 payment is made using rake generated from both OnGame and I poker platforms
  • Q: What currency will the new Cash Back scheme be calculated in?
  • A: The Cash Back scheme will be calculated in USD so that players can track their activity easily and understand what Cash Back they are entitled.
  • Q: I haven't played on the OnGame platform although I previously had a deal, can I still benefit from the Cash Back scheme?
  • A: If you have received an invitation directly from Betfair with regards the Cash Back scheme then you will be entitled to join the new scheme regardless of whether you played previously with Betfair on the OnGame platform
  • Q: Can I keep my old Deal that I had across the OnGame platform?
  • A: Yes, from the 21st of January all players entitled to this deal will be eligible for Cash back across the OnGame and I Poker platforms
  • Q: If I don't want to take advantage of the Cash back scheme what do I do?
  • A: You will need to contact our customer services team at pokerinfo@betfair.com and advise them in writing that you want to be removed from the scheme.
  • Q: If I change my mind after being taken off the scheme can I go back on the cash back scheme at a later date?
  • A: No, once you have advised the customer service teams that you wish to be removed from the scheme Betfair are unable to reverse the change and you will forfeit the scheme altogether
  • Q: Do I have to play on I Poker straight away to take advantage of the Cash back scheme?
  • A: No, you have 90 days in which to activate your Poker account on I Poker with Betfair in order to be eligible for the Cash Back scheme. After this period all players who haven't taken advantage of the scheme will be entered into our Loyalty VIP Club instead.

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