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Natural8 Rating

The Natural8 review was conducted by the RakeTheRake team, who awarded Natural8 rakeback a 4/5/5 rating.

Natural8 Information

  • About Natural 8Open/Close

    Natural8 is Asia’s fastest growing poker room. Predominantly focused in China, with 80% of their player pool currently based there, with Xuan Liu, Kitty Kuo and Dong Kim amongst the sponsored Pros at N8.

    The platform at N8 offers both state of the art mobile and desktop poker software to ensure that players enjoy the best possible playing environment.

    N8 offer a variety of in game options to players, such as being able to Run it Three Times. Players are also able to benefit from buying all-in insurance, so you can protect yourself from bad beats.

  • Program DetailsOpen/Close

    N8 Fish Buffet

    Fish Buffet is the name for the promotion that N8 offer to players, you need to opt in to take part, but once you have you are all set and don’t need to opt in again.

    Work your way up through the Fish Buffet levels by earning Fish Buffet points (FP), you earn one FP for every $0.01 in rake and fees.

    Players are assigned different status groups which are further broken up into levels. There are 25 different levels and when you reach the next level you spin the Fish Buffet Wheel to determine your prize. Every level increases the value of the prizes available, and as you progress through the levels, more prizes are available.


    Status Level FP to earn Rake Time limit Prize range $$$ Expected Cashback % Max % minimum %
    plankton 500 5 24 hours 0.5 -1.50 15 30 10
    shrimp 1000 10 24 hours 1-3 20 30 10
    Goldfish bronze 1500 15 24 hours 1.5-6 22 40
    silver 1500 15 24 hours 1.5-6 25 40
    gold 1500 15 24 hours 1.5-6 28 40
    Crab bronze 5000 50 72 hours 5-25 28 50
    silver 5000 50 72 hours 5-25 30 50
    gold 5000 50 72 hours 5-25 32 50
    Octopus bronze 15000 150 7 days 15-90 32 60
    silver 15000 150 7 days 15-90 33 60
    gold 15000 150 7 days 15-90 34 60
    platinum 15000 150 7 days 15-90 35 60
    Diamond 15000 150 7 days 15-90 36 60
    Whale bronze 40000 400 15 days 40-320 40 80
    silver 40000 400 15 days 40-320 41 80
    gold 40000 400 15 days 40-320 42 80
    platinum 40000 400 15 days 40-320 43 80
    Diamond 40000 400 15 days 40-320 44 80
    Shark bronze 100000 1000 30 days 100-1000 45 100 10
    silver 100000 1000 30 days 100-1000 46 100 10
    gold 100000 1000 30 days 100-1000 47 100
    platinum 100000 1000 30 days 100-1000 48 100
    Diamond 100000 1000 30 days 100-1000 49 100
    Black 100000 1000 30 days 100-1000 50 100
    VIP 300000 3000 90 days 300-3000 50 100
  • Bonus DetailsOpen/Close

    100% up to $1688

    Deposit between $100 and $1688 to receive a 100% bonus at Natural8.

    The bonus is released in $10 increments with increments set at 20% of rake, i.e. $10 paid for $50 raked

    There are no time limits or withdrawal limits on the bonus. Withdrawals are not allowed while this bonus is active. Any withdrawals made will automatically forfeit you from all future bonuses payable under this promotion.

    Please note that Natural8 deduct transaction fees from your rakeback, but you can save yourself money by contacting them directly to deposit either on:

    Live chat via website - http://www.natural8.com
    Facebook Messenger - http://m.me/natural8dotcom
    Email - support@natural8.com

    They will be able to assist you and save you fees!

  • Free Poker TrainingOpen/Close

    You can now get free DragTheBar training every month for free from RakeTheRake

    1. Rake $100 within a calendar month.
    2. We will send you a DragTheBar free training code by the 15th of the following month.
    3. Activate your free training within 2 weeks and start crushing the opposition.

    More details can be found here

  • Poker Room Terms & ConditionsOpen/Close

    Click here to see full Terms & Conditions.

  • Available GamesOpen/Close

    Games Micro Stakes Low Stakes Medium Stakes High Stakes
    Hold'em Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Omaha Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Omaha Hi/Lo No No No No
    Seven Card Stud No No No No
    Five Card Stud No No No No
    Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo No No No No
    HORSE No No No No
    Five Card Draw No No No No
    Razz No No No No
    HOSE No No No No
    8Game No No No No
  • Uninstall InstructionsOpen/Close

    Follow these simple steps below to uninstall the Natural8 poker software from your computer.

    How to uninstall in Microsoft Windows

    1. Open up the start menu
    2. Click control panel >
    3. Click "Programs and Features" >
    4. Select the Natural8 Poker application >
    5. Click "Uninstall"

    How to uninstall in Apple OS

    1. Drag the Natural8 icon to the recycle bin
  • Deposit and Withdrawal OptionsOpen/Close

    Transfer Method Deposit Withdrawal USA Deposit USA Withdrawal
    Bank Transfer No No No No
    Cheque by Mail No No No No
    Visa Yes Yes No No
    Mastercard Yes Yes No No
    Skrill (MoneyBookers) Yes Yes No No
    NETELLER Yes Yes No No
    CLICK2PAY No No No No
    Cryptocurrencies No No No No
    Paysafecard No No No No
    ClickandBuy No No No No
    Debit Card No No No No
    EntroPay No No No No
    Skrill Online Bank Transfer No No No No
    UKash No No No No
    WebMoney No No No No
    Maestro No No No No
    PayPal No No No No
    Western Union No No No No
    UseMyFunds No No No No
    Citadel No No No No
    Switch/Solo No No No No

Please note that the payment options above may apply to certain countries only.

Poker Room Information


Poker Client Features

  • Multi-tabling16
  • Hand HistoryYes
  • Table ResizeYes
  • Preferred SeatingYes
  • Display Folded CardsYes
  • Four Colour CardsYes
  • Player SearchNo
  • Note TakingYes
  • Private TablesNo
  • Heads UpNo


  • ChineseChinese
  • Chinese SimplifiedChinese Simplified
  • Chinese TraditionalChinese Traditional
  • EnglishEnglish
  • JapaneseJapanese

Natural8 Signup Instructions

  1. Create your account step 1Clicking "Continue and Sign up now" below will take you to the Natural8 website. Click the "Sign Up" button at top right to start your registration. The sign up form will popup. Click the "Have a Bonus Code? Click here" text at the bottom (see right).
  2. Create your account step 2 Add the bonus code "rtrvip" in the bonus field (see right). Complete the form and click the "Sign Up" button.
  3. Poker software downloadOnce the sign up process is done you will need to download the Natural8 poker software. Simply click the "Download" button on the homepage banner. The download process will begin. Install the software and start playing.

Very Important!

Please remember to return to our sign up page and send us your Natural8 details in Step 3. We'll need these to confirm your account is tracked correctly.

Continue and Sign up now

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