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May 22, 2012

Party Poker's Championship Challenge: $100k Prize!

By RTR Dennis

Rake The Rake Party Poker Championship Challenge

We’re not far away from the UEFA European Football Championship, and the folks at Party Poker are so excited they’ve rolled out a Championship Challenge in honor of this prestigious football event. A $100,000 top prize is paid to the winner, while lots of other cash prizes and freeroll tickets will be given away too. If you’re interested in winning any of the numerous prizes that Party Poker is offering then take a look at all the details below:

Promo Period
The Championship Challenge runs from now until July 1st, 2012 at 23:59 ET. However, the promotion can also end if all prizes have been given away before this date.

How to Win
Getting involved in the Championship Challenge is easy: you just play real money poker online at Party and collect points. Every time you earn 10 points, you’ll be awarded one football player; sometimes the players come with an instant prize, while others represent a piece of a larger prize.

The goal (pardon the pun) here is to collect all four players from a single team, or get every player from an entire Group. For example, if you collect Poland’s goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker (entire 'team' for this promotion), you’ll receive $1,200 cash. If you were to get all 16 players from Group A, you'd win $7,000! The absolute top prize of $100,000 is offered to the first person to collect all 64 players.

Don’t forget that there are also prizes for individual players attained. For instance, Poland’s goalkeeper alone is worth $20, while getting Germany’s Midfielder will earn you a $10,000 freeroll ticket. Speaking of the free poker tournaments, Party Poker are offering special Championship Challenge Freerolls...

Championship Challenge Freerolls
At the conclusion of this promo, Party Poker will hold several freerolls for players. Here’s a look at the different freerolls that Party members can participate in along with the specific player needed:

  • $10k Freeroll – July 12th at 14:00 ET (20:00 CET), Germany Midfielder required

  • $7,500 Freeroll – July 7th at 14:00 ET (20:00 CET), France Striker required

  • $5,000 Freeroll – July 7th at 15:30 ET (21:30 CET), Portugal Midfielder required

  • $4,000 Freeroll – July 6th at 15:30 ET (21:30 CET), Greece Defender required

  • $3,000 Freeroll – July 6th at 14:00 ET (20:00 CET), Ukraine Striker required

  • $2,000 Freeroll – July 5th at 15:30 ET (21:30 CET), Sweden Goalkeeper required

  • $1,000 Freeroll – July 5th at 14:00 ET (20:00 CET), Italy Striker required