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May 24, 2012

PKR $250k High Stakes Championships & Rakeback Deal

By RTR Dennis

Rake The Rake PKR High Stakes Championships

Just last month, PKR ran a major poker tournament series called Springfest, where $280,000 in cash was given out across 34 events. Amazingly, PKR are already going to be running another big tournament series called the High Stakes Championships in early June.

PKR's HSC (High Stakes Championships) will see $250,000 given out across seven events, plus there’ll be a leaderboard where the highest finisher receives a $4,500 WSOP prize package! And as if that wasn't enough, PKR will also be running various SNG and MTT satellites from now until the end of High Stakes Championships. You can find all the necessary details on the High Stakes Championships below.

High Stakes Championships Schedule
(All times GMT, all tournaments NLHE)

  • June 2nd at 19:00 – HSC #1 $100,000 prize pool, $270 buy-in, shown on PKR TV

  • June 5th at 18:30 – HSC #2 $10,000 prize pool, $100 buy-in, PKR 4x4 (4-seater, quadruple chance)

  • June 8th at 18:30 – HSC #3 $20,000 prize pool, $200 buy-in, Terminator (6-seater)

  • June 10th at 17:30 – HSC #4 $20,000 prize pool, $200 buy-in, Slow Stack (9-seater), shown on PKR TV

  • June 13th at 18:30 – HSC #5 $20,000 prize pool, $200 buy-in, Double Chance (9-seater)

  • June 16th at 18:30 – HSC #6 $15,000 prize pool, $50 buy-in, Rebuy (6-seater)

  • June 17th at 17:30 – HSC #7 $50,000 prize pool, $530 buy-in, PKR 500 (8-seater), shown on PKR TV
HSC Leaderboard
The person who accumulates the most points on the HSC Leaderboard will win the aforementioned $4.5k WSOP prize package. As long as you participate in a tournament, you’ll receive 10 points towards the leaderboard. Tourney winners receive 100 points, while the next 89 finishers in each tourney earn point amounts ranging from 15-90.

PKR Rakeback
Seeing as how this is a “high stakes” tournament series, the buy-ins can get pretty expensive. Luckily, players who sign up at PKR through RakeTheRake can get a 30% rakeback deal. So if you played in HSC #7 (PKR 500) – where the buy-in is $500 + $30 (rake), – your 30% rakeback deal would give you $9 before you'd even won any money! And don’t forget that the PKR 30% rakeback deal applies to the MTT and SNG satellites that’ll be running for the HSC.