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May 29, 2012

PKR: Get Rakeback and design your dream poker player

By RTR Dennis

Rake The Rake PKR screenshot player design

When it comes to online poker software, few sites have done more to stand out from the pack than PKR. This poker room features extremely detailed 3D software that brings players much closer to a live experience. If you’ve ever played a highly-detailed computer or video game, this is akin to what PKR’s software offers. That said, let’s get into some of the specific features offered by this software package in addition to the PKR rakeback that players can receive through RakeTheRake.

Creating your PKR Player
When it comes to choosing the player who’s going to represent you at the cyber tables, most online poker sites only offer a collection of generic avatars. This is where PKR really differs because they basically make a game out of designing your character. Some of the various things that you have control over when making your character include detailed facial features, clothes, clothing accessories, body type, and even the player’s voice.

Basically, you have all of the tools needed to design your animated poker player just the way you like. And as if the player features aren’t enough, you can also pick the hotel that your player stays in when “traveling” to PKR tournaments, and choose special chip tricks for them to do on the tables.

PKR Rakeback and Bonus
Moving past the extensive amount of software options at this site, it’s also worth mentioning that players can get a 30% rakeback deal and a deposit bonus worth up to $500. All players need to do to get these rewards is sign up at PKR through RakeTheRake.