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Jun 19, 2012

Affiliates and Referalls - Increase your poker earnings with RakeTheRake!

By RTR Dennis

Online poker players are often looking for ways to boost their bankrolls and supplement their poker incomes. RakeTheRake allows players to do just that without even playing poker, providing a way to make extra poker cash with no risk whatsoever! RakeTheRake offers great affiliate and referrals schemes, providing rakeback players with two different ways to supplement their poker income.

Email your poker friends!
It really couldn’t be any simpler to supplement your poker income; all you have to do is refer by email anybody that you know that you think might be interested in playing poker with a top rakeback deal. Just use the custom form on RakeTheRake’s referrals page and enter as many email addresses as you’d like - you’ll earn commission on all the real money poker played by every one of the friends that you refer.

Use RakeTheRake banners and text on your own website or blog page!
If you own a website or blog page, then you can use that as a referrals platform by adding RakeTheRake banners and text, or even our ‘What Is Rakeback?’ video. You’ll be issued with a unique referral code so you will automatically be credited with commission from the players that you successfully referred through your blog or site.

Become a RakeTheRake affiliate and create your own rakeback site!
The final and most lucrative way to earn extra poker cash is to become a RakeTheRake affiliate through RakebackPartners.com. You can make your new rakeback business part of a site you already have, or simply set up your very own brand new rakeback site. Thousands of people already earn extra poker cash this way, and our top affiliates earn thousands of dollars every single month.

One of the best things about RakeTheRake’s referrals and affiliates schemes is that it’s completely free! So if you’re after a really simple way to add even more value to your online poker, then check out the RakeTheRake referrals page.