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Jun 26, 2012

Contributed Rake and its Effect on Rakeback

By RTR Dennis

While the ideal poker playing style may change from table to table, many players advocate a loose-aggressive (LAG) style. By playing LAG, you’re able to steal more small pots and blinds that will go a long way towards increasing your overall win rate.

Another good reason for employing a LAG playing style is that you’ll earn a lot more rakeback from online poker sites with contributed rake models. Taking this into account, let’s look at how contributed rake works and how you can earn more rakeback through this method.

How Contributed Rake works
In direct opposition to the dealt rake model, the contributed method credits players for rake based on the specific amount of money they contribute to a pot. Simply put, the more money you bet in a hand, the more rake you’ll be credited with. To give an example of this, let’s say that you’ve bet $50 total in a $100 pot; using the standard 5% rake that most online poker rooms take, you’d be credited with $2.50 in rake (50 x 0.05). With the 40% rakeback deal from Minted Poker, you’d receive $1.00 in rakeback for this hand.

Just as a comparison, let’s look at the exact same situation under the dealt rakeback model – where every player is equally credited with rake, regardless of their contributions. If there were 10 players on the table, you’d be credited with $0.50 in rake [(100 x 0.05) / 10], even after putting $50 into the pot. Breaking things down further, you’d receive $0.20 in rakeback, which is quite a difference from the $1.00 under the contributed model.

Why Loose-Aggressive Players Benefit
We’ve already established that players who typically put more money into pots will receive extra rakeback based on the contributed method. So if you’re playing more pots and making larger bets than the average player, you’re going to benefit more from contributed rake than tight-aggressive and tight-passive players.

Moving past the rakeback, LAG players also earn more VIP rewards under a contributed system. After all, VIP points are usually bestowed based on how much players rake, so by betting more money on average, you’re going to get extra points and benefits. Of course, this isn’t meant to sway you to change your playing style – especially if it works – but just be aware that you’ll earn a lot more extra money as a LAG with contributed models involved.

What Poker Rooms offer Contributed Rake?
If you’re looking for online poker rooms that feature contributed rake systems, make sure to check out the following sites:

Aced – Get a 150% match deposit bonus, and up to 45% cashback Fortune Poker – Get 30% rakeback, and a 200% match deposit bonus up to €1,000 Minted Poker – Receive 40% rakeback, and a match deposit bonus worth up to €500 Poker Heaven – Get a 30% rakeback deal, and a 200% match deposit bonus up to €1,000 PokerStars – Receive a 100% match deposit bonus up to $600 (£400)