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Jun 02, 2012

Get PKR Rakeback and a Piece of Team PKR’s WSOP Action

By RTR Dennis

Last year, British poker pro Jake Cody won the WSOP $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em Championship along with $851,192. Anybody who staked part of the $25k buy-in for this poker tournament would have received a very nice profit! Assuming you missed out on this opportunity last year, you can win a nice piece of his action in 2012 – and the best part is that it’s free!

In fact, you can win a piece of any PKR pro’s World Series action simply by playing in their Team Pro Shareholders Freeroll. This being said, let’s take a quick look at the freeroll details along with how you can collect your share of PKR pros’ earnings.

Team Pro Shareholders Freeroll
This free poker tournament will happen on May 30th at 18:00 GMT, and the buy-in is 1,000 PKR Points. Your goal in this freeroll will be to finish in the top 100 players because everybody who does so gets a piece of Team PKR’s WSOP action.

How the money is distributed
As long as you’re in the top 100 of the aforementioned freeroll, you’re going to get 5% of Team PKR winnings for 22 selected tournaments. And what’s nice is that this 5% is split 100 equal ways – rather than based on finish position within the freeroll. Assuming somebody won $851k in a single tourney again like Cody, everybody would split a collective $42,560. Not bad just for participating in a freeroll!

PKR Pros involved
You may be wondering about some of the other pros besides Cody that’ll be generating money for the top 100 freeroll finishers. These players include Sofia “wellbet” Lovgren, Marc “Waswini” Bariller, Vladimir “Beyne” Geshkenbein, and Scott “PKR_Scott” Shelley. As for Shelley, the Londoner has already won a World Series gold bracelet in the 2010 WSOPE ($206,499). Geshkenbein has a very impressive live tournament resume since the Russian has earned $1,109,094 and won a 2011 EPT Snowfest title.

PKR Rakeback
Moving past the World Series action, it’s also worth mentioning that anybody who signs up at PKR through RakeTheRake will receive a 30% rakeback deal. And as you may know, rakeback is extremely helpful in lowering the online poker fees you incur while playing real money games.