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Jun 08, 2012

Play Americas Cardroom's huge Bad Beat Jackpot for less

By RTR Dennis

Americas Cardroom new

Lots of online poker players love competing for bad beat jackpots at Americas Cardroom because these offer the chance to instantly earn a life-changing sum of money. “NUTTYNUTS30” learned this fact just a few weeks ago after losing with quad jacks and receiving over $86,000 from a bad beat jackpot; the hand winner – “Ve6960” – was paid over $57,000.

Seeing as you can win a massive amount of money through an ACR (Americas Cardroom) bad beat jackpot, it’s worth mentioning that they’ve lowered the rake required to qualify for jackpots. Below is a quick look at the lowered rake requirements with the ACR bad beat prizes.

Half the Costs, All the Rewards
In the past, players who went for the BBJ (Bad Beat Jackpot) at stakes ranging from $0.25/$0.50 to $1/$2 had to collectively contribute $0.50 in rake. But now, even players at lower stakes can contribute half the money and still qualify for the BBJ. Those playing at ACR BBJ stakes ranging from $0.10/$0.25 to $1/$2 only need to contribute a collective $0.25 in rake.

Increasing Win Rates
The primary motivation behind lowering the rake required to qualify for the Americas Cardroom bad beat jackpot is to increase potential win rates for players. To that end, ACR spokesman Michael Harris commented: “Our mid-stakes players felt that the bad beat jackpot had too big of an effect on their win rates. We’ve decided to lower their contribution so that they can still partake in the excitement of the bad beat jackpot without it having a major effect on their overall results.” So, according to Harris, we can expect to see more BBJ players and bigger jackpots at Americas Cardroom!

Americas Cardroom Rakeback
As a final note, players can lower the BBJ rake they pay even further when they sign up at Americas Cardroom through RakeTheRake. By doing this, players will get a 27% rakeback deal, which adds to your poker earnings in cash games, bad beat jackpot hands and tournaments, and any other real-money online poker you play!