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Jun 15, 2012

RakeTheRake's Divide & Conquer - win up to $20,000!

By RTR Dennis

DC promo

Throughout this month, RakeTheRake are offering all rakeback players the chance to win a share of a $20k prize in addition to their rakeback. The Divide and Conquer $20,000 Race promotion runs 'til the end of June, and any player who rakes $50 or more at participating rooms will automatically qualify for a share of the total prize at the end of the month.

The participating rooms are InterPoker, Paradise Poker, Poker Heaven, Unibet Poker, and Virgin Poker. Rake just $50 at any of these rooms and you'll be guaranteed a share of $20,000! A players share of the prize is worked out as follows:

So the more you rake, the larger your share of the $20,000 prize will be. Players can rake $50 or more at multiple participating rooms, but you must rake a minimum of $50 for that room to qualify. All information can be found at the Divide and Conquer $20,000 Race page. Remember that all winnings from this promotion are in addition to what you earn from your rakeback deals.