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Jul 28, 2012

Example of a Poker Pro’s Massive Rakeback Earnings

By RTR Dennis

Rake The Rake Chris Moorman

We at RakeTheRake are always talking about all the extra poker cash you can earn when you secure a top rakeback deal. And it doesn’t matter how much online poker you play because these deals can help anybody.

Of course, many of us are curious as to how much rakeback a poker pro can earn - given that they play loads of tournaments and cash hands. Well, let's take a look at UK grinder Chris “Moorman1” Moorman’s poker tournament career and see how much rakeback he’s made over the years...

Rakeback Fortune
Noted poker pros like Chris Moorman are often the recipient of the best rakeback deals that effectively cut their rake fees right down. But in order to make this example more practical and relate it to recreational players, let's just say that Moorman has a 50% Party Poker rakeback deal.

Throughout his career, the Brighton native has earned $7.5 million in online poker tournament winnings. If Moorman’s hypothetical tournament ROI was 15%, he would’ve paid $6,375,000 in tournament buy-ins [7,500,000 - (7,500,000 x 0.15)]. Assuming 10% rake was taken out of these buy-ins, this poker pro's total rake fees would ammount to $637,500.

Under the previously mentioned 50% deal, Moorman would’ve earned $318,750 in rakeback alone! A small fortune to say the least! Taking our hypothetical scenario into account, it’s no wonder he dedicates the bulk of his time to online tournaments, rather than grinding in live tourneys.

How you can earn big with Rakeback
While you might not earn around $320,000 in online poker rakeback like Chris Moorman, you can still collect a nice sum of money by taking advantage of these deals. And what’s nice is that there are no drawbacks to getting the highest rakeback deal you can find...
All you have to do is create an account at an affiliate site like RakeTheRake; from here, you sign up at the online poker room of your choice. As soon as you start playing real money poker tournaments and cash game hands, the rakeback will begin accumulating!