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Jul 26, 2012

Go for Gold in the Poker Heaven Pokerlympics

By RTR Dennis

Rake The Rake Poker Heaven Pokerlympics

We’re going to take a wild guess and assume that nobody reading this runs the 100-meter dash in 9.8 seconds or swims the 200-meter butterfly in under 1:55. But just because you can’t run alongside Usain Bolt or out-swim Michael Phelps this summer doesn’t mean you have to be void of the Olympic spirit. That’s because – inspired by the upcoming 2012 London Summer Olympics – Poker Heaven is going to run a “Pokerlympics” event!

What is Pokerlympics?
From July 9th–July 22nd, 2012, Poker Heaven will be running two Pokerlympics tournaments every day. Besides the prize pool that’s available, players will also be trying to earn points through these tourneys for the Pokerlympics Leaderboard. This is where the added value of the event comes in because the top 100 players on the Pokerlympics Leaderboard will share in a €10,000 prize pool. Once this promotion is over (July 22nd), the top player will collect a €1,500 prize!

As for earning points for the leaderboard, this is based on a special formula. The formula includes the amount of entrants, your finishing position, and the buy-in. In short, the better you finish in big Pokerlympics tournaments, the more points you’re going to receive.

Pokerlympics Buy-ins and Structures

  • Daily at 17:30 GMT – €5 buy-in Pokerlympics, 2,500 starting chips, 15-minute blinds

  • Daily at 20:00 GMT – €5 buy-in Pokerlympics Turbo, 2,500 starting chips, 5-minute blinds
Poker Heaven Rakeback
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