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Jul 20, 2012

Tatjana Pasalic loses bet and wears catsuit to WSOP!

By RTR Dennis

Rake The Rake Tatjana Pasalic Catsuit 7

So first we had Vanessa Rousso dressed as a cockroach at the tables, and now we see poker player, blogger and presenter Tatjana Pašalić turn up to the WSOP in a catsuit! The story is that Tatjana lost a prop bet with her boyfriend and fellow poker player McLean Karr. The deal was that if Karr could stay in the WPT Vienna tournament longer then Pašalić then she would have to wear a catsuit to the WSOP. Pašalić explains in this video that she believes Karr won the bet unfairly and suggests that he might be appearing in a catsuit at a future poker tourney... although we're not sure that will be as popular.

Anyway, here is all the glorious picture evidence of *ahem* CATjana Pašalić at the WSOP

And the award for least subtle ogling goes to... this chap: