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Aug 31, 2012

Free Poker Training when you rake just $1 with RakeTheRake!

By RTR Dennis

Did you know that RakeTheRake offer free poker training to all thier players every single month? And that it’s available every single month with over 97% of RakeTheRake’s rakeback deals, including Cake Poker, Party Poker, High Pulse Poker, Sky Poker, Paddy Power and almost every other room? In fact players can rake as little as $1 to unlock free poker training with every single rakeback deal except PokerStars.

New RakeTheRake players only have to rake $1 at any poker room to get a full 30 days of free DragTheBar poker training. After that, any player raking $100 or more per month willl automatically qualify for another 30 days of free training. Existing RakeTheRake players raking at least $100 a month at any room will also gain access to all of the poker training videos for the whole of the next month.

DragTheBar offers the most comprehensive and frequently updated online poker training resource – with a growing library of over 1,000 videos covering everything from SNG’s to Backgammon. Around 40 new videos are added every month – all of which are ipod, iphone, and ipad compatible – and in addition to all this, RakeTheRake gives their players access to the expertise of DTB’s 30+ poker coaches.