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Aug 13, 2012

Protect your Bankroll at Stan James Poker

By RTR Dennis

Study poker strategy long enough and you’re going to come across advice on bankroll management. And the first rule of bankroll management is to play at stakes within your means. But even with this being said, plenty of online poker players make the mistake of grinding at stakes that are too high for them; when this happens, a player can blow their entire bankroll!

This is the worst thing that can happen in poker, which is why Stan James has created a safeguard for players who have trouble with bankroll management. If you’re interested in learning how to protect your bankroll, keep reading about the unique offer at Stan James Poker.

Control Settings
Those who have difficulty sticking to limits that they’re comfortable with financially will really appreciate the game control settings at Stan James. To use these settings, you need to visit the Game Control holding lobby under the Scheduled Tournaments/Special tabs.
When you join a Game Control holding lobby, you’ll be added to the desired group the following day. From here restrictions are placed on your account, and any poker tables/tournaments above the selected stakes will prevent you from entering. If at any time you want to leave the holding lobby and restricted stakes, just opt out and the restrictions are lifted the following day.

Detailed Look at Game Control
Rather than continue describing the Game Control holding lobbies at Stan James Poker, here’s a detailed look at three out of the eight groups you can join:

  • Group 1: $0.01/0.02 (NL and PL cash game), $0.05/0.10 and below (FL cash game), $1.65 and below (SNG max buy-in), $1.65 and below (MTT max buy-in)

  • Group 2: $0.02/0.04 and below (NL/PL cash), $0.10/0.20 and below (FL cash), $3.30 and below (SNG max buy-in), $3.30 and below (MTT max buy-in)

  • Group 3: $0.05/0.10 and below (NL/PL cash), $0.25/ 0.50 and below (FL cash), $5.50 and below (SNG max buy-in), $5.50 and below (MTT max buy-in)
$200 Reward for being disciplined
It’s important to understand that simply joining a Game Control holding lobby doesn’t prevent you from losing money in online poker. However, it is a very effective way to keep yourself from playing limits that are far beyond your bankroll. As if this isn’t enough, you can also win $200 through a special $1,000 Bankroll Booster Freeroll.

The way that this offer works is if you join a Game Control group for an entire month and lose $20 or more, you’ll be put into the monthly $1k Bankroll Booster Freeroll. The top five finishers in this freeroll poker tournament all receive a $200 bankroll boost.

Stan James Rakeback
Another way to protect your bankroll and make extra money is by taking advantage of the Stan James rakeback deal. When you sign up at Stan James through RakeTheRake, you’ll get 30% rakeback and up to a $1,000 signup bonus.