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Aug 16, 2012

RedKings offering Incredible Live Poker Experiences

By RTR Dennis

Online poker is great because it gives players an opportunity to win profits no matter if they’re at home or on the road. But even with this being said, some players can’t quelch their desire to play in a major live poker tournament. And these players will really appreciate the opportunities that RedKings Poker is offering through their land-based tournament prize package deals.

Everybody has a Chance
What’s great about the RedKings prize packages is that pretty much anybody has a chance to win. That’s because they run 11 qualifiers every day and some of the satellites are as cheap as $2 + $0.20 to enter.
Using the GSOP Live packages as an example, here are all of the different satellites available:

  • $2 + $0.20 qualifier (3x daily)

  • $5 + $0.50 qualifier (2x daily)

  • $10 + $1 qualifier (1x daily)

  • $20 + $2 qualifier (3x daily)

  • $50 + $4 qualifier (2x daily)

  • $300 + $20 Live Events Final
(Check RedKings lobby, winner receives a GSOP Live prize package)

Around the World
Aside from the fact that virtually anybody can win a tournament prize package, it’s also worth mentioning that RedKings Poker sends players all over the world: In Season 3 of the GSOP alone there are prize packages available for Dublin, Prague and Malta! In addition to GSOP Live Season 3, players can also win their way to the Aussie Millions and WSOPE.

GSOP Malta
Currently, RedKings is giving out $3,000 prize packages for GSOP Live Malta, which is held near the beautiful seaside shore. There’ll be hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line here so if you’re interested in the Malta tournament, please note that $300 + $20 GSOP Live Malta Finals run every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday until August 19th, 2012. Also don’t forget that you can play in lots of smaller qualifiers, such as the ones we discussed before.

As for the actual tourney, GSOP Malta runs from September 4th-9th and the buy-in is $1,500. Assuming you were able to win a $3k prize package, the buy-in will be taken care of along with an extra $1,500 for the hotel stay, airfare and spending money. Even if you don’t win a Malta package, remember that there’ll also be chances for Prague and Dublin in the near future.

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