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Sep 20, 2012

Devilfish stops by, Trickett out, Roberts on Top

By RTR Dennis

It’s been a very eventful second day thus far at the EPO2012. Only 19 players remain in the hunt for the £78,660 top prize out of the original 63 runners that began Day 2.

Poker star Sam Trickett is the latest player to bust out after he lost a big hand to Jamie Roberts. Trickett slow-played his pocket rockets in a three-handed pot where the flop was dealt Qs-5s-2h. Chris O’Donnell (Kd-9d) led out with an 8k raise, Sam called, and Jamie Roberts (2d-2c) raised to 34k with his set; O’Donnell folded while Trickett called. The turn came out Th, which prompted Roberts to bet 52k and Trickett to call, thus putting him all-in. A meaningless 4d fell on the river, which gave Roberts a massive 209k pot and put him atop the chip count with 504,300.

Rhys Jones is also doing pretty well with 269,200 chips after winning a big hand against Andrew Hulme. Following a flop of 2c-6s-5c, Hulme (Jc-9c) bet 14k, which Jones (Ac-7c) called. A turn of 2h prompted Hulme to bet 37.6k, and Jones called once again. The river card of 6c gave both players flushes, but Jones had the nut flush. Andrew was still the aggressor when he bet 48.4k, and Jones called for a third time to collect the 234,100 pot.

Aside from all the exciting action on the felt, Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot provided some more entertainment after stopping by the announcers’ booth. The Hull native was in London to visit some friends and had a few very interesting stories to tell.

A few topics that Devilfish covered included the intricate process he uses to pick winning horses, his new poker site where players can get tips, and a gentlemen Dave played with who used to beat his head into the poker table following bad beats. Thankfully, we haven’t noticed any players around the Fox Poker Club beating their heads into the table thus far.

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