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Sep 09, 2012

PKR Rakeback and New Themed Tournaments

By RTR Dennis

PKR have already established themselves as a true innovator when it comes to online poker software. Their software provides players with a wealth of tools in regard to creating an avatar’s physical appearance and wardrobe. Interestingly enough, PKR is also starting to show a creative side with their poker tournament schedule too.

That’s because they’ve rolled out a new lineup of “Themed Days” tournaments. As the name implies, Themed Days give players an opportunity to compete in events that have an added twist. You can see the full schedule of these themed poker tournaments below, and don’t forget to get your 30% PKR rakeback deal through RakeTheRake:

Team Tuesdays
In almost every case, poker is an individual game where everybody’s out for themselves. However, Team Tuesdays break from the norm by giving players an opportunity to team up with three other grinders. Each player’s individual finish is combined to form a team score, and the top teams all grab a big share of the prize pool.

Bounty Wednesdays
If you’re able to bust a Team PKR Pro or PKR staff member in any Wednesday tournament, you’ll receive a seat (3,000 chips) in the monthly $1,000 Bounty Freeroll. Even if you’re just sitting at a table where someone else busts a Team PKR Pro/staff member, you’ll still get a seat (500 chips) for the freeroll. Assuming you’ve already won a seat, you can add more chips to your freeroll stack by repeatedly accomplishing the aforementioned feats.

Deep Stack Fridays
Many players like deepstacked tournaments because the increased starting chip stacks give them a better opportunity to wait for good hands and use skill to win. If you also feel this way, you should play in the following deepstacked Friday tournaments (all times GMT):

09:30 – Outback Open DS, $12 buy-in
10:15 – Mini Outback Primetime - Super Deep Stack, $3.50 buy-in
10:45 – Outback Primetime - Super Deep Stack, $30 buy-in
16:00 – Welllbet's Home Game DS, $30 buy-in
18:00 – Mini PKR Open DS, $3.50 buy-in
18:00 – PKR Open DS, $20 buy-in
18:30 – Omaha-Low-Down DS (1R or 1A, 6 Seater), $3.50 buy-in
18:45 – Mini Primetime - Super Deep Stack, $3.50 buy-in
19:00 – Primetime - Super Deep Stack, $30 buy-in
19:14 – Mini Omaha Open DS (1R or 1A, 8 Seater), $0.60 buy-in
19:45 – Omaha Open DS (1R or 1A, 6 Seater), $12 buy-in
20:00 – The Big Fat Twenty DS, $20 buy-in
20:30 – The Dollar Dash DS, $1 buy-in
22:00 – Late Night DS (6 Seater), $30 buy-in
00:30 – Maple Leaf Open Ds, $12 buy-in
01:15 – Mini Maple Leaf Primetime - Super Deep Stack, $3.50 buy-in
02:00 – Maple Leaf Primetime - Super Deep Stack, $20 buy-in