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Sep 17, 2012

PokerStars Hand No. 85 Billion coming: Players to receive $1m!

By RTR Dennis

As the most successful online poker site in history, PokerStars is proud of the massive amount of hands it has dealt over the years. In fact, this site is celebrating every major milestone on the way to hand number 100 billion. Currently, PokerStars is closing in on cash game hand number 85 billion and huge prizes are being awarded.

When the 85-billionth hand promotion is all said and done, $1 million will have been paid out. Players who are dealt into the 85-billionth hand will receive at least $20,000, while those dealt into every millionth hand from now (hand 84.7 billion) until then also get paid. You can see examples of these hand milestone payouts below along with some tips for maximizing your chances at the money.

Prizes at Stake
As alluded to before, players merely need to be sitting at a cash game table where milestone hands are dealt to earn prize money; they’ll get even more cash for winning the pot. Those who are dealt into a millionth hand milestone receive a prize based on the following formula: (# of VPPs earned in last 50 hands x $60) + $20. Players who win a millionth hand milestone receive a payout based on this formula: (# of VPPs earned in last 50 hands x $60 + $20) x 2. Assuming you won a millionth hand and earned 30 VPPs in the last 50 hands, you would receive a $3,640 bonus; (30 VPPs x $60 + $20) x 2.

The lucky players who are dealt into hand 85 billion will get a prize based on this formula: (# of VPPs earned in last 50 hands x $1,000) + $10,000. The winner of the hand receives a massive prize that’s based off of these calculations: (# of VPPs earned in last 50 hands x $1,000 + $10,000) x 2. Assuming the 85-billionth hand winner earned 30 VPPs in the last 50 hands, they’d be collecting a massive $80,000 windfall; (30 VPPs x $1,000 + $10,000) x 2.

Tips for getting dealt into a Milestone Hand
While there is no guarantee you’ll be dealt into one of the milestone hands, there are some things you can do to vastly improve your chances of winning. Here is a quick look at some tips to keep in mind:

Multi-tabling – When you play multiple tables at the same time, you’ll have a far better chance of being seated at a lucky table.

Extend your Sessions – You should never force yourself to play too much online poker when you’re tired or not in the mood. However, if you can just push your sessions a little longer – especially near a hand milestone – you’ll have a better opportunity to collect big prizes.

Play looser – As previously discussed, any hand milestone payout you earn will be larger when you’ve collected more VPPs leading up to the prize. By playing looser, you’ll contribute more rake and receive a bigger payout.

Limit Zoom Poker Play – Please note that you cannot be involved in a milestone hand when you’re on the Zoom Poker tables; only regular cash game tables count. But do know that you can still win milestone bonuses when using the mobile poker app.

Get the PokerStars Bonus – One more point we’d like to make is that you can receive a 100% up to $600 PokerStars bonus when you sign up through RakeTheRake. This way, even if you don’t get in on a milestone hand, you can still earn a large bonus.