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Sep 19, 2012

Trickett busts First Player on EPO Feature Table

By RTR Dennis

Sam trickett

We were only a few hours into the 2012 English Poker Open when Sam Trickett busted somebody at the feature table. While holding pocket 5’s, Trickett was the recipient of a great flop as the cards were dealt A-5-Q.

After flopping a set, Sam bet out 1,600 chips, only to be reraised by the highly-aggressive Ajay Ramesh (A-Q) with 3,500. Trickett then went all-in and was called by Ramesh and his two pair. A harmless 8 and 3 fell on the turn and river, thus giving the Big One for One Drop runner-up the hand and sending Ramesh to the rail.

Trickett also made a nice play earlier after folding top pair (queens) when facing a heart flush. He went into the lead on the feature table with 48,000 chips, while the table’s other big-name player, Neil Channing, held the sixth largest stack (out of nine players) with 23,300 chips.

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