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Oct 02, 2012

Bursting Fish Tank, Scared Sharks and One Soaked Poker Room

By RTR Dennis

When most people visit a poker room, their biggest fear is having a bad night and losing some money. But poker players at the Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino had a lot more to fear when a 13-foot-high fish tank burst and spilled over 10,000 gallons of water on the floor. The players weren’t the only ones scared either because dozens of sharks, angelfish, groupers and lionfish were trying to avoid being sucked out of the tank.

Lucille Sfalanga, who works for Gulfstream Park, talked about the strange incident by telling reporters, “All we heard was a big bang and all the water started shooting out the top of the tank. It sounded like a cannon.”

It only took a couple of minutes for the second floor of this Hallandale, Florida-based casino to be flooded by salt water. Eventually, the water made its way down to the first floor where the poker room and slot machines got drenched.

With their casino in disarray, Gulfstream Park workers quickly began mopping up water, running dehumidifiers and fans, and removing unsalvageable pieces of carpet. During this time, Gulfstream was shut down for a few days and suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.

If anything positive has arisen from this incident, it’s that all of the fish remained safe in the leftover 3,000 gallons of water. Furthermore, none of the casino visitors or poker players were hurt during the debacle.

Despite the fact that everybody ended up being safe in the end, bizarre happenings like this really have to make you think about staying home and simply playing online poker. Not only are you less likely to get soaked from a massive fish tank bursting, but you can also earn rakeback. And as many players know, rakeback is an excellent way to improve your profits on the poker tables!