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Oct 04, 2012

Hang out with Rafael Nadal through PokerStars

By RTR Dennis

Rake The Rake Pokerstars Rafa Dream Day

If you were going to spend a day with a world-famous celebrity, there are few better to choose from than tennis superstar Rafael Nadal. “The King of Clay” is one of the greatest tennis players of all-time and has set numerous records in the game. And even if tennis isn’t your thing, you have to admit that hanging out with Nadal would give you some good stories to brag about.

Assuming you’d love to rub elbows with a major celebrity, PokerStars is giving you an excellent chance to do exactly this through the “Rafa Dream Day” promotion. Dream Day will see the winner travel to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Majorca, Spain through an all-expenses-paid trip.

From here, the winner meets up with Nadal to grab some dinner, visit his tennis training facility, and challenge him to some poker games. Considering that Rafa is relatively new to online poker, you might even be giving him some tips!

Rafa Dream Day Qualifiers
From now until October 21st, 2012, PokerStars will be running five Rafa Dream Day freerolls, and the winner of each freeroll moves on to the Rafa Dream Day Final. In addition to this, there are also $1.10 qualifiers running every two hours, and the top three players from these tournaments earn a Dream Day Final seat.
One thing to note is that players are only eligible to enter one freeroll a day. As for where you can find both the freerolls and $1.10 qualifiers, look under the “Tourney” and “All” tabs in PokerStars’ software.

Dream Day Final
The aforementioned Rafa Dream Day Final takes place on October 21st at 12:00 ET. First place wins the coveted package deal that includes traveling to Majorca and hanging out with Rafa. Those who finish from 2nd-31st place are still big winners because they’ll receive a signed baseball cap from Nadal.

Considering you can participate in this promo for free, it’s definitely worth giving a shot since the winner receives an excellent vacation and opportunity to meet a tennis legend.