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Oct 05, 2012

Phil Helmuth Extends Record with 13th Bracelet!

By RTR Dennis

Hellmuth WSOPE 2012

Many folks would consider over $13 million in live tournament winnings and a record 12 WSOP Bracelets the pinnacle of a poker player's achievements, and representing something of an end point - y'know, good time to call it a day; my work is done here...

Well apparently not for Phil Hellmuth, who just secured and extended his record by bagging his 13th(!) WSOP Bracelet, beat a field of 420 players winning both the WSOP and WSOPE main events. Hellmuth not only took his 13th bracelet, but collected €1,022,376 for his massive vistory, and here's what he had to say about his big win:

“People don’t expect me to use this word, but I’m humbled by this. This was the best poker I’ve ever played in my life, I know that for certain. I played as well as I could possibly play, and here I am.” Hellmuth entered the final table with the chip lead and, with the exception of one little wobble where he nearly lost his cool, he maintained this lead pretty much solidly until dispatching first Albertini and then Baranov to finish in first.

The final payouts where as follows

  • Phil Hellmuth – € 1,022,376

  • Sergii Baranov – € 632,592

  • Stephane Albertini – € 423,360

  • Joseph Cheong – € 292,320

  • Christopher Brammer – € 207,648

  • Paul Tedeschi – € 149,184

  • Stephane Girault – € 108,864

  • Jason Mercier – € 84,672