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Oct 18, 2012

RakeTheRake Interview UK Poker Pro David Rudling

By RTR Dennis

David Rudling

RakeTheRake grabbed UK poker pro David Rudling for a quick chat. Here we get his career highs and lows, his advice, and his opinion on all things poker.

RTR: Who is Dave Rudling?

DR: A positively ancient (by poker standards) 45 year old, who enjoys village life with his young family and dog RTR: Can you tell us a little bit about how you got started playing poker?

DR: Whilst sports betting for a living, a friend and I stumbled across a 5k entry tourney in the Vic. We only had 2 or 3K between us in our pockets at 2pm but managed to gamble it up to 10k in time for the 8pm start. We ended up finishing 4th and 6th for a total of 65K. The following weekend I won a live TV event for £50k. That was 2005, I’ve been hooked since. RTR: Poker has taken you to a few different countries. Where have been your favourite international spots to play so far?

DR: I love Vegas and its like a 2nd home but you can’t beat poker-playing Caribbean cruises. RTR: Who are the poker pros you look up to or respect the most?

DR: Sam Trickett is the current top man for me. I didn’t like him much when I played with him but you can’t argue with his results. RTR: What competitions are you planning to play at in the future?

DR: My next trip is to Prague to defend my World Sit 'n' Go Masters title. With my job and family, I only play a few tournaments a year so I have to plan them carefully. I do, however, already have permission from the wife to play the Aussie Millions in January 2015, which has been an ambition for a while. RTR: Where’s your favourite place to play poker in the UK?

DR: Unquestionably the Vic. I seem to do okay there both at cash and in tourneys. RTR: Tell us about the best and worst moments you’ve experienced in poker?

DR: I won a $50k heads-up challenge event in Spain against Victor Chandler which was made very special as my kids were there watching. My first WSOP main event in 2005 is still my low point. I was in the top 10 after the first days and getting excited at the $10M-ish first prize; I sulked for days when I was knocked out RTR: Tell us about your first high-stakes game...

DR: I guess the 5K European Open at the Vic in 2005 counts as high stakes. I came 4th for £39K but was chip leader for a good while on the final table and first prize was £250K. I analysed my play a lot but don’t think I did too much wrong. RTR: Is there a historic moment in poker you take inspiration from? Is there a standout player, hand, or even whole tournament that you’ve found inspirational?

DR: I think Chris Moneymaker made a big difference to poker in 2003. Him winning the main event made everyone think they had a chance. I lost a $10K cash game pot to him in Vegas a few years later after I flopped a set of aces. RTR: What has been your most memorable poker experience - good or bad?

DR: After winning a tourney in Malta, I was invited to pick an envelope from 100 laid out on a poker table. One of the envelopes contained one million euros and I still beat myself up for picking the envelope casually at random. If I had applied some science, I would have dramatically narrowed the odds and a million euros would make a difference! RTR: How do you like to switch off and unwind from the stress of playing poker?

DR: I am pretty cool these days and take my beats very well. I never mind too much at getting knocked out of tourneys because I get to spend more time exploring great places or better still I get to go home early to my wonderful family. RTR: What’s the best poker tip you’ve been given?

DR: Probably for a novice just starting live poker, it is a good idea to only look at your cards when it is your turn and take your time with all decisions; easy and hard.