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Nov 20, 2012

Fortune Poker giving away €260k during 3 Billion Hand Bonanza

By RTR Dennis

3 billionth hand bonanza page

With their 3-billionth hand quickly approaching, Fortune Poker wants to reward loyal players by showering them with €260,000 in cash prizes. And what’s nice is that grinders merely have to be dealt into a milestone hand to receive a payout. The money starts flowing at hand number 2,965,000,000, so let’s quickly move to how you can win big with this promotion.

Prize Distribution
Every millionth hand from 2.965 billion to 3 billion will offer a cash prize to everybody who’s dealt into the hand. Now how large the prize is largely depends on the stakes you’re playing at the time. Below you can see a breakdown of how much prizes are worth at every cash game limit:

$0.02/$0.04 to $0.15/$0.30 = €250 for hand winner, rest of table splits €250
$0.25/$0.50 to $0.75/$1.50 = €500 for hand winner, rest of table splits €500
$1/$2 to $4/$8 = €1,000 for hand winner, rest of table splits €500
$5/$10 and up = €2,500 for hand winner, rest of table splits €1,250

€15,000 Final Hand
Those dealt into hand number 3 billion are really going to get lucky since €15k total will be paid. The person who wins this magical hand is going to collect a €10,000 prize while the rest of the table splits €5,000. And what’s nice is that it doesn’t matter if the 3-billionth hand occurs at the $0.02/$0.04 or $5/$10 stakes – €15,000 will be paid out regardless!

Those chasing bonuses in this promotion should realize that only real money cash game hands count, rather than tournaments or sit and go’s. In addition to this, at least three players must be dealt into a hand for it to be eligible. Also don’t forget that both Texas Hold’em and Omaha cash games count towards the promo.

Fortune Poker Rakeback
Any player wanting to sign up at Fortune Poker through RakeTheRake can earn a 100% up to €1,000 sign-up bonus along with 30% rakeback. So even if you fail to win a hand bonus through the aforementioned promotion, you’ll still be a winner with the big signup bonus and rakeback that’s available.